Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Honeymoon Feasting

Fresh Coconut Juice
Thai Food - Jasmine Rice in the front, Massamun Curry and Fried Fish with Green Mango Salad
Massamun Curry

Pad Thai on the Beach
Squid and Vegetables with Garlic and Pepper Sauce
Banana Fritters with a block of ice cream
Yum Cha in Ho Chi Minh
"Yook Suong" Meat Loose Dumpling with Baguette (see crumbs) to dip sauce
Yook Suong - Har Gau and Sui Mei Vietnamese style
The Famous White Rose or Vin Banc
Seafood Noodles
Market Selling Prawns
Variety is the...
More White Rose
No More White Rose
Com Gai - Corn Fed Chicken with Flavoured Rice
Close up of Com Gai
More Bananas

Melons Anyone?

Vietnam Coffee - Yum!
Pork Rolls - YUM!!
Chicken with Lemon Grass and Chilli
Blasted Frog Legs