Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mr Yeast Bento

JMak linked me to a very cute and nutzy anime called Moyashimon. (Thanks J!!!)

The series is about a boy who sees the micro-organisms that float around us. The series is very cute and it inspired this bento.

This critter is a Aspergillus Oryzae -tan or a yeast bacteria, used to brew sake, soya sauce and miso. info

I fell in love with the critter as soon as I saw it bopping merrily along with the OP theme! So cute!!! hehehe! You can watch it here!

I've picked up a few photos from the internet and added them to the collage.

Made from a massive onigiri stuffed with furiake, and pork floss, wrapped in a thin egg crepe. Eyes are made from Nori and the mouth from Waxed paper. 2 boneless chickenwings and some lettuce surround Mr Yeast.

I made Ed watch the first episode, and hes completely entranced. Hes looking forward to eating Oryzae-Tan tommorrow!
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