Friday, January 09, 2009

Cool Funky Jap Shop

I love this shop!

I go almost weekly to get my "strange product" Jap fix.

Today I got Cottonbuds. You might think boring! I can get those anywhere... But my friend. Can you get them in Black? Yes! As in colour black! My gosh I never knew you could get them in that colour!

They are soo cool! So Calling all Goths Now you can now have stylishly clean ears too!

A bit about the store:
The shop has 2 parts, the basement is full of japanese food products. And the top half has a $2.50 store, there use to be a travel agency there but they have moved out.

Shop Details
Yumehiroba Convenience Store
Basement 283-285 Clarence St Sydney
02 9267 0888
Map StreetView

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