Sunday, December 28, 2008


Thanks to Kris for her post about the 'Note from Newtown', I've now added the site to my list of sites worthwhile of a repeat visit...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Gotta love the advertising gurus out there, SMH reporting a 'Mass Brawl' at Central station last night, but when I checked out the article, it also had some rather interesting Oxfam advertising...

Quite appropriate for the tone of the article really...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Playing with the Green Fairy

Or its proper name Absinthe...

This elixir is as famous or as old as DOM Benedictine, (but much nicer) It was famous in the past for its hallucinogenic properties. Its had some very famous drinkers including Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde.

The Bartender (Reece is his name) described Absinthe (and I concur) as having a light licorice, aniseed or fennel flavour. I'm not keen on licorice, but I do like fennel. so I gave it a go.

Reece served it the classic french method with an absinthe spoon, sugar cube and still mineral water. See Method and Plugs below

The Taste: YUM! He was right about the light fennel flavour, it was refreshing with Clean flavours and palette. slightly zesty and it doesn't have that "drinking petrol" sensation of Zambucca.

3 glasses later, and a lot more tottery I think it was safe to say that I adored the drink and will be going back to play with the green fairy in the near future.

You put the spoon on top of the glass, place a sugar cube on the spoon and you pour the absinthe on the sugar cube. This ensured a that the sugar is properly dissolved. then you add still mineral water, pouring that too on the sugar cube. Then remove the spoon and the used sugar cube, and your left with a smoky opaque glass of absinthe, which does remind you of a witches brew...

Restaurant Plug
Last night we had our Christmas party at Emmilou, a tapas and cocktail bar. We had the verandah which was enclosed and we all sat down drank and ate ourselves silly.

I did also try other cocktails Sakeitoome, refreshing and light, then moved onto a Jamaican Julep which was just as lovely.

Bartender Plug
Reece was amazing. Not only are there some unique staple cocktails, but you can give him free rein over your drink and let me tell you its great to leave your taste buds in the hands of a professional. I asked him for something creamy (to go with mud cake) and he made a delightful concoction of creme de cassis, vanilla liqueur white rum. One of the girls wanted a Cosmo, and he created one with white rum and wild hibiscus juice, different but the exact sensation she was after. Christine asked for something tangy and sweet, and she got a cocktail called Volcano.

He also made me a "Papa Doble" which was Ernest Hemingway's favourite drink, served complete with brown paper bag (Hemingway use to drink these on his way home - Paper bag was to disguise the potion)

They have a cocktail course here, so if you or your friends like drinking something different. You can find out the details on their website.

413 Bourke St, Surry Hills
Reservations: (02) 9360 6991
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Monday, December 08, 2008

What do you do when...

you have been looking for something that appears to have fallen off the supermarket shelf? You buy 10 of it!

This is what happened the other day when, after about 6+ months we had been looking for Listerine Toothpaste, and we found some at Hot Dollar in Westfield Eastgardens for $2 a tube. Definitely cheaper than full retail.

Eva was like a kid in a candy store, grabbing as many tubes as she could hold, then when she read the expiry date, as '11' her heart sunk, but quickly picked up again when she read it propperly as '11/2009', and she promptly bought 10 tubes.

I just wonder if we'll get through 10 tubes in 12 months, but then again, Christmas is just around the corner...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ceremony Venue

Carisbrook House
More photos on our Flickr page Carisbrook House
Yesterday we started scouting out some locations to have our wedding ceremony, and had a look at Carisbrook House in Lane Cove.

Carisbrook House is located at 334 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove, and was definitely worth the visit. Built in 1835 from local sandstone, the place has been modified a few times since then, but retains is character.

Almost instantly we fell in love with the place, not just the gardens which are fantastic, but the house itself, and in every room there's a story and oodles of history to be told. The gentleman that showed us around was very friendly, and his knowledge was amazing.

When we mentioned that we were thinking about having our wedding ceremony there, and when Eva told him that we were planning for mid/late August 2009, the gentleman assured us that this was the best time of the year as the garden is alive and blooming.

Sadly my camera ran out of juice, and I had to resort to using the camera in my N95, but luckilly I'd taken a number of great shots before this happened.

More photos can be found on our Flickr page, StephEvaPhoto

We also had a look at Clarkes Point Reserve in Woolwich, but weren't so taken with it, great location, but it is very open, and should the weather be bad, your well out in the open with few places to hide.

Clarkes Point Reserve is definitely blessed with some fantastic views of the city, but it's hard to get to, and when the wind blows, it blows hard as it was yesterday afternoon.

More photos can be found on our Fickr page, StephEvaPhoto

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A quick question

Did you remember your bento???

No - Eva Onigiri not happy!!!

or could it be....

Eva Onigiri very happy

Thursday Bentos

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Too tired to explain. Hope they enjoy their lunches

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

DIY: Its in our DNA

A Pure Gold ad from a little island to our east

So cute. And the reference to the Castle is just the tops. :D