Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bento Box Friday

Thank God its Friday!

Tonight I had to zip out to Ikea to grab some new plants. (The bosses oregano has been shredded by caterpillars) While we were out at Rhodes, we had dinner and I pick up some smoked sausages and fresh bread for tomorrow Bento.

I made avocado, ham, cheese sandwiches with the fresh bread. I tried using the cutout to make it cute, but the white bread is too soft for cutting, and i gave up after one sandwich.

So Steph gets 2 "MAN" sandwiches, while ed gets a waffle egg and 2 little men, and 1 "Man" Sandwich. There is some steamed broccoli with soy fish to flavour (need to add) and another octodog. and for dessert theres a zigzag kiwi fruit, honeydew cats and dogs (a few sheep too) and some red grapes.

Note: The yellow onigiri from yesterdays bento didn't go down well, I packed the rice a bit too hard into the moulds and the "Chinese Fighting Rice Balls" (according to Steph) were not consumed. Will have to look for alternatives.

Bento Box Thursday 201108

Both boys forgot their Wednesday bento boxes, so they had them for dinner, that meant i didn't have to cook dinner, so I snacked on the makings and had a light dinner!

So Tomorrows Bento Boxes are....

Using yellow turmeric rice I've moulded flowers and rabbits. Both bento boxes have potato salad (yeah I made heaps) and a green salad with cherry tomatoes, flower carrots and lettuce.

Ed's Bento Box -
The Rabbit is sitting on another bed of yellow rice, and korean salted nori, and 2 octodogs - i use my new tool! So cool! Doesnt like skin, so I'll have to go for skinless frankfurts next time. (Buy one here)

Steph's Bento Box -
The flower have cherry tomato centres and I had to wrap them in cling wrap to stop them from sticking to everything. There are also rockmelon flowers for dessert - Steph ate the leftover rind for dessert tonight

Close ups of the octodog, and green salad

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bento Box Wednesday 191108

Tomorrow Bento Boxes......

Ed's Bento Box -
Ed didn't eat his dinner last night so it was the basis of his bento. The cheesy face (grin) is Kraft single slices, with face cutouts hiding the pasta (dinner). Above the pasta/cheese is neatly arranged Japanese potato salad from yesterday. (but Ed gets more carrots as they pack neatly in like stick of hair!)

Steph 's Bento Box -
Steph gets a bit more variety in his bento, there are chicken rice onigiri with pickled ginger. Potato Salad from yesterday and Rock melon and Honeydew Flowers. There is wasabi and soy satchels for added flavour.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tonights Menu

Takoyaki - Going to give these a go tonight and Okonomiyaki (heaps of leftovers from last saturday)
Potato Salad

Cheese and Tomato Sandwiches
Potato Salad
Fruit Cups
Takoyaki (if there are any left over)

Going to add the cute factor in *grin* Steph and Ed better watch out! Hahaha

Post: Well not so much cute factor. but the sandwiches are flower shaped...

Stephs BentoBox.
Flower shaped Light Rye Sandwiches with cheese and ham, the large ones have cherry tomato centres. Japanese potato salad and honey dew and rockmelon flowers, served in silicon cupcake moulds.

Eds BentoBox.
Flower shaped Light Rye Sandwiches with cheese and ham, the large ones have cherry tomato centres. Takoyaki balls in foil boat, japanese potato salad and honey dew and rockmelon flowers, served in silicon cupcake moulds.

Hrm! I really need to set up a photo booth!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Bentos

This is my 2nd set of bento boxes, the first ones had the cute factor, but lacked flavour. This time the cute factor is toned down but according to Steph (who has already had his... its 10AM) it was very tasty.

I used leftover chicken mushroom risotto, I moulded square onigiris, wrapped them in nori, added a spinach compot, a little salad, a octo-frankenfurt, a stuffed leek sushi, and a tamago pouch.

Sorry about the photos guys - I'm really starting to hate the lighting in our kitchen

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tempting Bento

I've noticed a few books coming out of Japan about amazing bento boxes. And folks these are works of ART! And it makes my primary school lunches look like peasant food!

The Hello Kitty Bento one the Sanrio Bento Competition.
And the other bento i like as it shows alternative use for sugar gum cutters
Garden Kitty Bento: Link || Garden Bento: Made and shot by Sakurako Kitsa

Just Bento is a great site! - Full of recipes and ideas.

I am so inspired! I popped into the local Japanese Store (Cnr Clarence and Park) [KRIS! This is an AMAZING shop, you have to check it out!] I've bought a few utensils and I plan make this tonight! But I'm on a diet (hence the lack of food blogging) So I wonder if Steph will eat these?

Depending on success or disaster, I'll post some photos.


2 Iron Chefs Down Under

Someone win tattslotto and take me to this amazing event for my birthday.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Garden Children

Meet my new children. I hope they bring in a decent crop.

We started with Baby Corn, Celery, Tomatoes Pyrethrum, Apple Mint.
Week 1 Album
Weve added Rocket, Coriander, Thyme
Week 3 Album