Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of an Era

After 19 years and countless meals, Flourishing Court Chinese Restaurant is closing its doors for good.

We've had John Howard (sweet and sour pork), Ray Groom (likes Churchill Red) Sri Lanka Cricket Team, British Cricket Team (like steamed fish), West Indies Cricket Team, Wo Hung Yee, Gong Yun Yee (Miss Hong Kongs) and who could forget the Singaporeans by the truckloads.

Albert and Cathy Ng, the owners - chef and waiting team, are looking forward to a long long holiday.

I'm very happy for mum and dad, they're not the spring chickens they use to be. And who knows, after a big holiday maybe I might go back into the Trade.

The last day of opening is the 31st of August. If you want to monitor where mum and dad open next keep an eye here.

Those who wish to contact Albert and Cathy Ng, please email me or post a comment here.

After reading a few reviews online, Albert makes his own Roast Duck, Chicken, Barbeque Pork from scratch. Not flown in from interstate. His love for food and fear of not having enough has resulted in huge dishes, and 2 people could be stuffed on entrees and 1 main with rice.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tassie and Things to Do

Hooray! Heading down to Tassie for the first week of Spring!

Dad and Mum has sold the restaurant and they are on their way to a well earned break! So we are heading down to throw out old stuff and pack and ship some stuff to Sydney.

Now every Tassie living overseas has a list of things to do at home, and these are mine.

  • Tiramisu @ Maldinis
  • Meat Pie & Hartz Mineral Water @ Banjoes
  • Fish and Chips at Mures
  • Drive up to Mount Wellington
  • Dinner at La Provencale
Being a foodie, most of my "to do's" revolve around eating...

Shanghai Night Chinese Restaurant

Pictures speak a thousand words.
And if that doesn't convince you,
$15per person for a table of 12 for all this food just might...

Shanghai Night Chinese Restaurant
275 Liverpool Road,

Kafleeeeeen! Forget the World Square one - This is the real deal!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Archery Centre

Sunday morning.... 9am... argh. so sleepy! one more hour.... Eyes droop down and next thing we know its 11am!!! EEK!

We missed out on yumcha with Christine and Faye. But did have time for a quick spree at Ikea for some office plants for work.

Then at 2pm we went to Olympic park to shoot some targets at the Archery Centre. Which is located at the end of Bennelong road (near the athlete accomodation) A lovely open space with 5 metre kung fu poles for Fong Sai-Yuk and a barbeque area.

We were booked to do a come & try session ($20) which involves an introductory course on archery, a bow and 3 arrows to shoot for 1/5hrs.

The instructors were funny and good to chat with. And we will be back to do the beginners course and become wise archers. Maybe one day we will be a good as Grandpa Robin Hood. *wink*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good One Qantas

Note Prior: Seems like most of the posts are full of whinging.... sorry. I promise the next one will be on food. (and will not be about egg tarts)

First you stuff up the Olympics with ill-placed advertisement
Then you RUIN my holidays!!!!!!!
We haven't flown Q for a while and now I determined to keep flying with the Q to a minimum.
Why? Well let me tell you what happened sister!
We checked in, did as we were told, and luckily scored seats right behind business class. The extra leg space was a blessing! I was totally delighted and changing my thoughts about Qantas...
Then the stuff up.
The seat allocation had shoved everyone up the front of the plane.
So to balance the weight we were told to move from Seats 4A and 4B to 28A and 28B 2nd last seat on the plane.
Why would you move 4 people when you could move every third person in each full row and spread people out? I can only guess that is something due to the ticket we bought, or we didn't check in on line or I'm a fat and my employer has given me a 7kg Laptop.
To understand my anger and disgust imagine yourself in the following scenario
You have just entered the Aria Restaurant, famous for its service, food and view. You've arrived early and you have been seated at a window table. You are delighted, and you thank the waiter and you look forward to a wonderful meal and evening. You've settled in, you're admiring the beautiful view. Other guests are arriving and you have just ordered your pre-dinner drinks. You are looking forward to your first sip of your martini, thinking that life isn't so bad, and you plan on telling all you friends and family about the wonderful evening you're going to have. Then.
The Head Waiter walks up. Tells you that they have given you the wrong table. That you need to be moved.
You're bewildered. Hurt. But you follow the head waiter and they guide you to a table right next to the toilet and the kitchen.
Great. F'ing Great.
I hope NO one else experiences this

Friday, August 08, 2008

A delicious arrest

A while ago we were watching the late night news as we were settling in for the night.

Teeth brushed, Jim-Jams on... I'm packing away some stuff on the bedside table, when Steph looks at me pipes up "Salty Eggs"


Turns out Bin Laden's driver had been sentenced. A Britsh reporter dictated a victorious article where the driver Salim Hamdan was sentenced to 5 &1/2 years prison.

"Ham Dan" is Chinese for Salt Preserved Eggs (literal translation: Salt Eggs), and is a delicacy that is enjoyed by thousands of Asians.

So Bin Laden had a salty egg for a driver.

It seems the more they learn of another language the stranger the spots it seems to turn up in.

Beijing Olympic Ceremony

Wow! Right now the athletes are just waking in. And the show especially the Muslim General and his seven treasure journeys was totally amazing!

However what was not amazing?

The bloody adverts!

Channel 7, you have ruined one of the most amazing moments for China and the world. Yes i can name every single brand that was flapped on the screen, but i dont name them with joy or pride. Ill declare every one of them with disgust and hate.

Gruen come back and voice our abhorrence.

Friday, August 01, 2008

St Peters Friut World

I feel at home when I'm surrounding by 20L Cans of cooking oil... Ed and I use to pay around these as kids growing up in the restaurant.

We zipped past this place a few times and finally had time to go in a few weeks ago.

The veggies are considerably cheaper and there's a huge asian section too. And the Plus is that the checkout chicks are much nicer than those at Metro Grocer in Marrickville!

And if your Russian there's a freaky Russian deli next door where you can buy Russian things and Russian caviar!

Details below!

St Peters Fruit World
4/19 Unwins Bridge Road