Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dinner with the Girls

Saturday, We kicked the boys out of the house to run wild!

The girls from Work and Kath joined me for an asian cookup and a game of mahjong

The menu had
  • Beef Stew (using the thermos pot)
  • I made Soup (Ginger, Pork, Lotus root, Mushrooms, Beancurd Sticks, Snow Fungus)
  • Fish with Ginger and Shallots
  • Curry Chicken with Malaysian curry base
  • Spicy Eggplant with minced pork
  • Stir fried veggies.

Then the girls finished off the last of the chocolate pots from Steamboat
Photos below.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Food Porn

Words cannot describe how tasty this was... Kathleen can do wonders with crab. I wont challenge the master
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Steamboat 2008 - Aftermath

Did you see that Chilli Mud crab and Noodles? Oh my god! It was orgasmic!

After steamboat there was so much food left over, everyone came over for round 2!
  • That Singapore Chilli Mudcrab on Ramen Noodles (Kathleen, you could knock Gordon on his butt with that dish)
  • Udon with Beef and Mushroom Stirfry (More beef than meat) but Vi it went so quickly!
  • School Mackerel Fishcakes (Christine's delicious piece of art)
  • Vegetable Steamboat
  • HoneyNuts - Frangelico (Hazelnuts) Baileys, Kahlua, Honey and Cream with Ice
  • Karaoke - Vi's swan song I touch myself by the Divinyls
  • Still enough leftovers for everyone to take a lunch box home!

Thankyou to all that helped out!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Steamboat 2008

Wow its been a while since I've posted!

Annual steamboat time, and this year I wanted to focus on seafood. I had an idea that crab would be an ideal new addition to the cooking pot.

We had it early this year as Vi was heading off to London (the city of great opportunities and bad food).

Planning started a while back, always with a brainstorm of suitable ingredients. The previous weekend, i had organised a shopping list. which Vi had vetted and informed me to cater for 10... (how painful!) Did I listen? No.

I ended up buy 8 different variety of green leaf vegetables (that didn't include mushrooms and other vegetable matter)
Seafood selection: Prawns, Salmon, School Mackerel, Squid, Crab (Swimmer and Mud), More Prawns, Tuna... i think there's more?

I was a bit to busy to take photos but here is a selection of everyone else's.

For dessert (yes there was room!) I asked Eric to bring over some blood orange sorbet and I made some chocolate pots to go with it. Those asking for the recipe go here. Basically its a heart-stopping mixture of Cream, Dark Chocolate, Butter, Egg Yolks and a good splash of Cognac.
I also made cocktails made that night
  • Fruit Tingle - Blue Curacao, Vodka, Peach Schnapps/Brandy, Lemonade, Raspberry Cordial, loads of Ice
  • Watermelon and Mint Daiquiri - Bacardi Rum, Strawberry Liqueur, Fresh Mint, Watermelon Pieces, Sugar Syrup, loads of Ice
  • Fluffy Duck - Advocaat, Gin, Lemonade, Cream, and Ice (this is a classic and very yum. normally its shaken and poured over ice, but the blender allows bulk hence the slushy ice texture)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Loyalty Benefits

Now that I have the postbox key (Pointed look at Steph) I've taken to the habit of checking the mailbox every morning before going to work.

Today, in the mailbox, there was a Myer One Benefit booklet.
Inside the Myer One Benefit booklet, there was a series of vouchers.
In the series of vouchers, there was a Wii Fit Voucher!

The voucher gives you a $30 discount (the RRP is $109) + a Wii sports pack, which includes a towel, drink bottle and bag.

Woohooo! No need to guess what we'll be doing tonight!