Friday, March 28, 2008

Pippa the Gadget Dog

Pippa has a fascination with electronics.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Morning

Taxi Driver: Where to Love?
Eva: Railway Square Please
TD: Ahh opposite Hatch Match and Dispatch?
E: Huh? (Perplexed - Thinking Easter Egg Factory)
TD: You know, Births Deaths and Marriages
E: Oh!

Learn a new thing every day...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scary Recipe

Imagine reading this on a menu -
BBQ Chicken Toes

Freaky! As bad as the "Fresh Chicken Nuts" sign I saw in a Takeaway shop once...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Back in Adelaide

We're home for Easter, Adelaide, the home of good olives, coffee, FOOD and high octane fuelled dogs. The weather is on the shade nippy, so we have wood fires at night. Tonight we are having the Milbank tradition of Smoked cod. Yum! Will take pics and upload. No cooking for me!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

How to make your partner cook more frequently

Add lots of curry powder.

I made lamb shanks using the shuttle chef on Friday (Kath heres the recipe!) I mixed it Friday, slow cooked it Friday night then left it to stew Saturday in the fridge. 2 days of cooking! But while i was mixing it i added a little too much curry powder... and the result was a rather spicy but so yum lamb shanks!.

Steph has the chilli tolerance of a baby's bottom. He managed to eat the meat and left the rest, delcaring it to be too spicy. Then informed me that he was going to make the bangers and mash (we're to have tonight) to protect himself from the chilli.

Wuss. Oh well I don't have to cook! YAY!

Friday, March 14, 2008

No Free Train Rides

Typical Sydney - If its a Good idea, Let's kill it before we try it.

If its Bad (oh City Cross Tunnel) Lets do it!

Can we get fire this government? It really sucks.

A Sour Delivery

I just signed for a package on behalf of one of the employees and I think I have received the worse service of my life!
  • The Courier yelled at me for not labeling our suite (Ahh. Building Manager Decision!)
  • An afternoon delivery was requested - he arrived at 10.30am
  • Yelled at me for not having the words Global Market Insite on our door (theres a big plaque that says GMI)
  • My office is in the back, there's also a door bell to get my attention. He knocked.
  • He leered at the staff as they walked in and gave her a thumbs up with a slimy, dirty, disgusting possibly vomit inducing expression on his face and IN FRONT OF ME!!
GROSS! I think I have been disgusted out. Retribution
  • Called the company up and complained
    • Care Factor: So-so, but the girl was just a messenger. See what the Regional Franchise Manager says.
  • Called the Sender Company up and told them how unprofessional the delivery was.
    • They were suitably horrified and would get onto the supervisor immediately
  • Blogging it and naming names.
The courier service was Fastway Couriers. If you ever use them make sure you emphasis professionalism of the deliverymen. Or your company will suffer the detriment of a distressed customer who would have been otherwise delighted to received your package.

If Santa handed you your presents with a growl, cursing and yelling at you for not having a chimney or gas-fireplace - lets see how cheery Christmas would be

Good Butcher in the city

does anyone know of a good butcher in the CBD? Is there such thing?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wasaby Japanese Restaurant

Steph joined me for Lunch today! What a surprise! :) So i took him to Wasaby, a restaurant i tried out last month. It was a lot busier this time round but the service was still just as good and the food so yum!

I picked the Seafood Chirashi Sushi Set and steph had the Eel and rice in a hot stone bowl with Konbu Dashi Soup.

Seafood Chirashi Sushi - $17.80

The seafood was fresh, the squid - clean, texturous, the wasabi was perfect, not overly strong. and the miso fragrant, flavoursome without being too salty.

Steph's eel bowl was beautifully presented, in a hot stone bowl, sizzling, the scent of crunchy rice in the air. There was a little bamboo paddle for scooping the hot rice out of the stone bowl and into a pretty black ceramic bowl and matching spoon. The konbu dashi soup was served in an ornate teapot and was to be drunk by pouring into the stone bowl and sprinkled with the condiments served.

Steph and I are going back to try out the rest of the menu! Next time I'm getting the BBQ Wagu Beef on Volcanic stone from Mt Fuji

Wasaby Japanese Restaurant
119 york Street, Sydney NSW 2000
P 02 92677 0822

Friday, March 07, 2008

Folder Names

Just chatting to IT about setting up a share folder on the file server in sydney. when IT asked what i wanted to call the folder. They suggested Rapid Team Collaboration Folder....

"Wow! Now That is Fancy!" me thinks, I always call my personal folder Transfer or Transition and when its been a bulk folder its always called the Dumping Ground, then I put on my Aussie hat and came up with "Back of the Ute"

Now that is a cool share folder name!

But we settled on Team Share. (only a few of the team members are Aussie and would understand what "Back of the Ute" meant)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Death and Taxes

"Only two certainties in life are Death and Taxes" Benjamin Franklin

Shit. Turns out my old job stuffed up my payroll tax and didn't take out my HECs payments.

Now I'm stuck with a $5000 bill i have to pay back. Where do I get that sort of money?

I explained the stuff up, and quite Frankly they don't give a flying F. "The Onious is on you"
YOU are suppose to understand the payroll system YOU are suppose to understand the tax system

Doesn't matter that its the most convoluted and frustrating system in the world.

I've organized a repayment system. I DO NOT LIKE IT. Not one bit. and if anyone mentions The ATO in my hearing will have their ears deafened and probably punched in.

Mood: Blacker than Hell.