Monday, November 10, 2008

Tempting Bento

I've noticed a few books coming out of Japan about amazing bento boxes. And folks these are works of ART! And it makes my primary school lunches look like peasant food!

The Hello Kitty Bento one the Sanrio Bento Competition.
And the other bento i like as it shows alternative use for sugar gum cutters
Garden Kitty Bento: Link || Garden Bento: Made and shot by Sakurako Kitsa

Just Bento is a great site! - Full of recipes and ideas.

I am so inspired! I popped into the local Japanese Store (Cnr Clarence and Park) [KRIS! This is an AMAZING shop, you have to check it out!] I've bought a few utensils and I plan make this tonight! But I'm on a diet (hence the lack of food blogging) So I wonder if Steph will eat these?

Depending on success or disaster, I'll post some photos.


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