Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bento Box Wednesday 191108

Tomorrow Bento Boxes......

Ed's Bento Box -
Ed didn't eat his dinner last night so it was the basis of his bento. The cheesy face (grin) is Kraft single slices, with face cutouts hiding the pasta (dinner). Above the pasta/cheese is neatly arranged Japanese potato salad from yesterday. (but Ed gets more carrots as they pack neatly in like stick of hair!)

Steph 's Bento Box -
Steph gets a bit more variety in his bento, there are chicken rice onigiri with pickled ginger. Potato Salad from yesterday and Rock melon and Honeydew Flowers. There is wasabi and soy satchels for added flavour.

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Eva said...

No point making these works of art if they boys forget to take them to work to EAT!!!!