Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bento Box Thursday 201108

Both boys forgot their Wednesday bento boxes, so they had them for dinner, that meant i didn't have to cook dinner, so I snacked on the makings and had a light dinner!

So Tomorrows Bento Boxes are....

Using yellow turmeric rice I've moulded flowers and rabbits. Both bento boxes have potato salad (yeah I made heaps) and a green salad with cherry tomatoes, flower carrots and lettuce.

Ed's Bento Box -
The Rabbit is sitting on another bed of yellow rice, and korean salted nori, and 2 octodogs - i use my new tool! So cool! Doesnt like skin, so I'll have to go for skinless frankfurts next time. (Buy one here)

Steph's Bento Box -
The flower have cherry tomato centres and I had to wrap them in cling wrap to stop them from sticking to everything. There are also rockmelon flowers for dessert - Steph ate the leftover rind for dessert tonight

Close ups of the octodog, and green salad

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