Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bento Box Friday

Thank God its Friday!

Tonight I had to zip out to Ikea to grab some new plants. (The bosses oregano has been shredded by caterpillars) While we were out at Rhodes, we had dinner and I pick up some smoked sausages and fresh bread for tomorrow Bento.

I made avocado, ham, cheese sandwiches with the fresh bread. I tried using the cutout to make it cute, but the white bread is too soft for cutting, and i gave up after one sandwich.

So Steph gets 2 "MAN" sandwiches, while ed gets a waffle egg and 2 little men, and 1 "Man" Sandwich. There is some steamed broccoli with soy fish to flavour (need to add) and another octodog. and for dessert theres a zigzag kiwi fruit, honeydew cats and dogs (a few sheep too) and some red grapes.

Note: The yellow onigiri from yesterdays bento didn't go down well, I packed the rice a bit too hard into the moulds and the "Chinese Fighting Rice Balls" (according to Steph) were not consumed. Will have to look for alternatives.

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