Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

Wow. What did we not do?
  • Dropped into Ikea, picked up plants, pots, and furniture for the Office
  • Dropped into Boon Chocolate, to visit our friends new chocolate shop!
  • Dropped into Ozdesign and pick up some coffee tables for work
  • Cooked the last small piece of Dads Roast Pork and made soup. (there's room in the freezer! Whoohoo)
  • Dropped into the office to unload and construct furniture.
  • Had lunch with Pep and Ray
  • Talked to Pep about wedding invites, and various other ideas
  • Uncle Harry and Auntie Angela were up in Sydney. Had dinner at Tre Viet, Newtown
  • Then ate deadly cake at Mickey's Newtown for dessert

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