Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good One Qantas

Note Prior: Seems like most of the posts are full of whinging.... sorry. I promise the next one will be on food. (and will not be about egg tarts)

First you stuff up the Olympics with ill-placed advertisement
Then you RUIN my holidays!!!!!!!
We haven't flown Q for a while and now I determined to keep flying with the Q to a minimum.
Why? Well let me tell you what happened sister!
We checked in, did as we were told, and luckily scored seats right behind business class. The extra leg space was a blessing! I was totally delighted and changing my thoughts about Qantas...
Then the stuff up.
The seat allocation had shoved everyone up the front of the plane.
So to balance the weight we were told to move from Seats 4A and 4B to 28A and 28B 2nd last seat on the plane.
Why would you move 4 people when you could move every third person in each full row and spread people out? I can only guess that is something due to the ticket we bought, or we didn't check in on line or I'm a fat and my employer has given me a 7kg Laptop.
To understand my anger and disgust imagine yourself in the following scenario
You have just entered the Aria Restaurant, famous for its service, food and view. You've arrived early and you have been seated at a window table. You are delighted, and you thank the waiter and you look forward to a wonderful meal and evening. You've settled in, you're admiring the beautiful view. Other guests are arriving and you have just ordered your pre-dinner drinks. You are looking forward to your first sip of your martini, thinking that life isn't so bad, and you plan on telling all you friends and family about the wonderful evening you're going to have. Then.
The Head Waiter walks up. Tells you that they have given you the wrong table. That you need to be moved.
You're bewildered. Hurt. But you follow the head waiter and they guide you to a table right next to the toilet and the kitchen.
Great. F'ing Great.
I hope NO one else experiences this

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