Sunday, August 17, 2008

Archery Centre

Sunday morning.... 9am... argh. so sleepy! one more hour.... Eyes droop down and next thing we know its 11am!!! EEK!

We missed out on yumcha with Christine and Faye. But did have time for a quick spree at Ikea for some office plants for work.

Then at 2pm we went to Olympic park to shoot some targets at the Archery Centre. Which is located at the end of Bennelong road (near the athlete accomodation) A lovely open space with 5 metre kung fu poles for Fong Sai-Yuk and a barbeque area.

We were booked to do a come & try session ($20) which involves an introductory course on archery, a bow and 3 arrows to shoot for 1/5hrs.

The instructors were funny and good to chat with. And we will be back to do the beginners course and become wise archers. Maybe one day we will be a good as Grandpa Robin Hood. *wink*

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