Monday, June 09, 2008

Egg Custard Tarts (Dan Tarts)

What are you doing at 1am in the morning?

Right now I'm testing my dan tarts.

When I was in Hong Kong, I wanted to learn the art of making Soo Pei Dan Tart. Timing and cost prevented me from joining the class I found. But I did find a book on egg tarts with ATROCIOUS Grammar, with a nice dan tart with biscuit crust recipe.

Although they're a bit black around the edges. (We have a testy oven) The results are pretty yum!

  • Individual tins are the way to go, allows you to press the pastry right in.
  • Muffin trays are useless.
  • Silicon moulds rock my world
  • 450ml of water is the same as 450g of water
  • Using 450g of sugar means getting really sweet dantarts (next time lower the sugar content)
  • Our oven obviously works 50*C above what the dial tells me.
  • I have a lot of dan tarts to test out on people
  • Cant have long fingernails to make this recipe.
Well Ed managed to hoff down about 6 of them... and the WGPs swallowed the rest. So I think I've got thumbs up for the recipe. :)  but.
  • I still think they are too sweet and not eggy enough. so more egg yolks next time (= macaroons! )
  • I think addingAdvocaat will be a good idea too.
  • Brandy glaze *drool*
  • I remember la cuisine had an amazing crust with almond meal... I'll try that in round three.

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