Monday, March 10, 2008

Wasaby Japanese Restaurant

Steph joined me for Lunch today! What a surprise! :) So i took him to Wasaby, a restaurant i tried out last month. It was a lot busier this time round but the service was still just as good and the food so yum!

I picked the Seafood Chirashi Sushi Set and steph had the Eel and rice in a hot stone bowl with Konbu Dashi Soup.

Seafood Chirashi Sushi - $17.80

The seafood was fresh, the squid - clean, texturous, the wasabi was perfect, not overly strong. and the miso fragrant, flavoursome without being too salty.

Steph's eel bowl was beautifully presented, in a hot stone bowl, sizzling, the scent of crunchy rice in the air. There was a little bamboo paddle for scooping the hot rice out of the stone bowl and into a pretty black ceramic bowl and matching spoon. The konbu dashi soup was served in an ornate teapot and was to be drunk by pouring into the stone bowl and sprinkled with the condiments served.

Steph and I are going back to try out the rest of the menu! Next time I'm getting the BBQ Wagu Beef on Volcanic stone from Mt Fuji

Wasaby Japanese Restaurant
119 york Street, Sydney NSW 2000
P 02 92677 0822

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