Friday, March 14, 2008

A Sour Delivery

I just signed for a package on behalf of one of the employees and I think I have received the worse service of my life!
  • The Courier yelled at me for not labeling our suite (Ahh. Building Manager Decision!)
  • An afternoon delivery was requested - he arrived at 10.30am
  • Yelled at me for not having the words Global Market Insite on our door (theres a big plaque that says GMI)
  • My office is in the back, there's also a door bell to get my attention. He knocked.
  • He leered at the staff as they walked in and gave her a thumbs up with a slimy, dirty, disgusting possibly vomit inducing expression on his face and IN FRONT OF ME!!
GROSS! I think I have been disgusted out. Retribution
  • Called the company up and complained
    • Care Factor: So-so, but the girl was just a messenger. See what the Regional Franchise Manager says.
  • Called the Sender Company up and told them how unprofessional the delivery was.
    • They were suitably horrified and would get onto the supervisor immediately
  • Blogging it and naming names.
The courier service was Fastway Couriers. If you ever use them make sure you emphasis professionalism of the deliverymen. Or your company will suffer the detriment of a distressed customer who would have been otherwise delighted to received your package.

If Santa handed you your presents with a growl, cursing and yelling at you for not having a chimney or gas-fireplace - lets see how cheery Christmas would be

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Anonymous said...

ummm... definitely won’t call this company. Noted!

Benny :D