Monday, February 11, 2008

First meal at wasaby

The best thing about changing jobs is that you get a new hunting ground for lunch foraging. This little resturant is located behind QVB, tucked underneath this gothic building with really cool art deco gates.
The bright green and white logo was cheery, and when you walk in, its seems like a world away, very zen and very peaceful. The restaurant was empty bar another couple. And I sat down to order what had caught my eye in the first place.

Waygu Hamburger Steak. $18.80

yeah i know its a bit expensive for lunch. But the food was delightful! Very good japanese food without the oil, noise and bad service. And best of all the side dishes!

These are the side dishes that came with my burger. Starting top left - Agedashi Tofu, Green salad with light dressing, Fresh fruit, Chanwan mushi (Steamed Seafood flavoured Egg), A selection of Pickles (note: i didnt eat the cucumber) miso soup, steamed rice

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So yum!

Posted by ShoZu

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