Monday, February 04, 2008

Food Blog - Dodgy Chinese = Great Food

It was Friday Night, and that meant dragging my lump of lead (aka Henry the Laptop) home, on top of that I had my gym bag... I wasnt in the mood to deal with public transport, so I bribed Steph out to the city for dinner (and to pick me up)

I suggested the Taiwanese place next door, but Steph wasnt in the mood for hot food, so our other options was japanese or chinese. Chinese had a queue and the A4 photos of the dishes posted on the wall were mouth watering!

We pre-ordered with the waiteress who kept babbling to me in mandarin, to which, i would keep saying "wo bu hui shuo Gaw Yuu" (I don't understand mandarin). After 15 mins we took a seat. Admired the irrelivant plastic grapes hanging from the ceiling, ask Kath said - "China's famous for its grapes" so from the decor, we weren't expecting much, but the dishes came out totally delicious!

We chose a few 1/2 serves of Dumplings and Spring Onion Pancakes. The spring onion pancakes were thin, with HEAPS of stuffing, veggies, vermcilli, beanshoots. Dry but so flavoursome!.

The Dumplings! OH my were they good! Big and Fat, full of beef and chinese chives, juice would squirt out with every bite.

For mains, i chose Salt and Peppered Squid and Braised Eggplant. The squid was so so, just deep-fried squid with a pile of "salt and pepper" on the side, but the Eggplant!... oh it was fried to perfection! Crispy outside, with a delcious soy sauce, and hot gooey inside.

Will be going back again!

*This will be the last food blog for a while. This meal plus the meat focused Saturday has rung the death knoll on my weight. I am abstaining. So if you see me eating - hit me. Or better still knock me out.
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DICEY said...

Hi there Eva! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had my fair share of Chinese Food yesterday as I am staying with my Chinese inlaws in Germany right now and my mother in law is force-feeding me with lots of sea food goodies.
Regards from Germany, Dicey