Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Lunch

On Sunday Steph had a hankering for Fish and Chips. I haven't found a good F&C outside of Tasmania, (Well nothing beats Mures anyway)

But one must start somewhere... So with the Power of Google I found a SMH online article "Battered Up" recommended a few Fish and Chip joints in Sydney.

We werent interested in a long drive, and queuing for parking, and not interested in gourmet F&C, so we headed to La Perouse for a bite to eat at Danny's Restaurant

We ordered a Mixed Seafood Basket and a 2 piece F&C and some Extra Homemade Tartare and we were delightfully surprised!

The F&C weren't too greasy, it was hot, fresh and the Tartare sauce was something special! And too add to the enjoyment the view was pretty good too!

Planes Land over Botany Bay. Unwanted Guests

So if you've got a lazy Sunday, head down here for a bite to eat.

Danny's Seafood Restaurant
1605 Anzac Parade, La Perouse, 9311 4116

Note: The prices are out of date. 2 Piece F&C is $15 bucks

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troysgonewalkabout said...

I used to hate how in Sydney it was just impossible to get F&C's without the restaurant price tag. All I want is a piece flake, a chiko roll and minimum chips, and don't want to pay $15 for it!