Monday, January 21, 2008

Greenie Cabbies

I saw these outside QVB, its a Greenie Taxi! Called Pedapod, their website crows about its advertising ability so it a marketing tool like those scooter trailers, only more environmentally friendly. I guess thats a good thing. Lucky Sydney CBD is rather flat, I would like to see how they go driving up Molle Street, in Hobart (Between Collin and Macquarie)

Note: theres another street thats really bad that cuts between South Hobart and Sandy Bay, but I cant remember the name! Anyone have a clue?


ADB said...

Mellifont St in W Hobart!! Worst hill in the world!!

We used to have to run up it for footy training. Twice up and your legs are jelly.

troysgonewalkabout said...

I think Eva's thinking of Lynton Ave? One that goes under the Southern Outlet.