Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dinner - Bay Tiah

Wednesday Night: I hear Marrickville has some good Vietnamese Places... Lets go!

We walked the whole of Marrickville Rd, (which is something I would not advise everyone do not at night, it is rather scary)

After walking past some very empty restaurants We found this place on Victoria Road, it looked busy so we thought to join the fray.

The place reminded me a bit of Thai Riffic, it wasnt of the same standard (ceiling looked like the one in the office) but it had that "Designed" feel to it. However it was clean and well presented.

The food was pretty good. We did get service (The waiteress made recommendations and showed us how to make our parcels from the Rolled Beef dish. One standout point was that they had their sauces perfected, the sauce covering the Stuffed Chinese Mushrooms was something special. garlicy sweet, oyster goodness.

The Rolled beef was delicous but too small a portion for my liking, the chinese brocolli was bitter (but you have to blame the grower not the chef) and the boneless chicken was well too meaty. The stuffing needed more herbs, to kill that "oomph" flavour of pork.

We left the place a bit perplexed. The food was good, but we felt ripped off. Tina sent us a late Txt msg, and it seems the better ones are on Illarawara Road. Will try those next
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