Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dinner - Bay Tiah

Wednesday Night: I hear Marrickville has some good Vietnamese Places... Lets go!

We walked the whole of Marrickville Rd, (which is something I would not advise everyone do not at night, it is rather scary)

After walking past some very empty restaurants We found this place on Victoria Road, it looked busy so we thought to join the fray.

The place reminded me a bit of Thai Riffic, it wasnt of the same standard (ceiling looked like the one in the office) but it had that "Designed" feel to it. However it was clean and well presented.

The food was pretty good. We did get service (The waiteress made recommendations and showed us how to make our parcels from the Rolled Beef dish. One standout point was that they had their sauces perfected, the sauce covering the Stuffed Chinese Mushrooms was something special. garlicy sweet, oyster goodness.

The Rolled beef was delicous but too small a portion for my liking, the chinese brocolli was bitter (but you have to blame the grower not the chef) and the boneless chicken was well too meaty. The stuffing needed more herbs, to kill that "oomph" flavour of pork.

We left the place a bit perplexed. The food was good, but we felt ripped off. Tina sent us a late Txt msg, and it seems the better ones are on Illarawara Road. Will try those next
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yum Cha

Going through some old photos on my phone and i found this one...Hands up who feels like yumcha?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Greenie Cabbies

I saw these outside QVB, its a Greenie Taxi! Called Pedapod, their website crows about its advertising ability so it a marketing tool like those scooter trailers, only more environmentally friendly. I guess thats a good thing. Lucky Sydney CBD is rather flat, I would like to see how they go driving up Molle Street, in Hobart (Between Collin and Macquarie)

Note: theres another street thats really bad that cuts between South Hobart and Sandy Bay, but I cant remember the name! Anyone have a clue?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Lunch

On Sunday Steph had a hankering for Fish and Chips. I haven't found a good F&C outside of Tasmania, (Well nothing beats Mures anyway)

But one must start somewhere... So with the Power of Google I found a SMH online article "Battered Up" recommended a few Fish and Chip joints in Sydney.

We werent interested in a long drive, and queuing for parking, and not interested in gourmet F&C, so we headed to La Perouse for a bite to eat at Danny's Restaurant

We ordered a Mixed Seafood Basket and a 2 piece F&C and some Extra Homemade Tartare and we were delightfully surprised!

The F&C weren't too greasy, it was hot, fresh and the Tartare sauce was something special! And too add to the enjoyment the view was pretty good too!

Planes Land over Botany Bay. Unwanted Guests

So if you've got a lazy Sunday, head down here for a bite to eat.

Danny's Seafood Restaurant
1605 Anzac Parade, La Perouse, 9311 4116

Note: The prices are out of date. 2 Piece F&C is $15 bucks

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Fridge

We got our new fridge on Saturday! There is so much room! My Gosh I don't know how we lived with our old 350L, with its ice cavern, and leaky defrost!

We transfered and cleaned out the old fridge, throwing away the Ayedunnos ("Whats this?" "Aye-Dunno" and we still had room!

So what do you do? Go Food Shopping! We went crazy in Harris Farms Broadway and in Coles and left with over $100 of groceries, indulged in summer stone fruit, mangoes, lychees, choi (chinese for vegetables) meat - chicken, pork prawns.

And Ed even cooked one of the dishes last night and it turned out very enjoyable! Shall do it again tonight.

Another Story
Two Asian girls queued up behind us to pay at Coles. Being curious buggers we had a peek in their basket. To our horror/confusion there was Kingston Cream Biscuits, Cinnamon Doughnuts, Chocolate, and a dozen eggs. And they were STICK thin!!! Where do they put it all?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Coffee or Flavoured Milk

Today I paid $4.50 for flavoured milk.

I initially balked at paying the extortionistic price, but the Shelia behind the counter claimed that the beans were Illy and they cost $70 a kg and because she was already making my order, I (being the good customer) chose to shut up, pay up and drink up. However, you would think at that price one would get a god damn good cup of coffee.

Flavoured Milk.

First sip. Milk. Second sip. More Milk.


Which brings me to a point, Sydney cannot make a decent coffee! Well one to my standards, so either everyone is happy with crap ones or they don't know what a good coffee taste like. And FYI, Coffee Motto: Bad Coffee? Chuck it - don't drink it.

My ideal coffee should SMELL like coffee! it should be a full body, slightly bitter but not lingering, and you can TASTE the aroma, that smell that makes you inhale deeply and walk on a cloud for the next 5 mins. A good coffee should take a sip and say "Mmm Coffee..." The way Homer declares his love for doughnuts.

However it would be wrong to just blame the bean, it has no choice where its grown, on which tree it did surface itself from. Its the Barista. Barista who are tight on their beans should be shot! Ive drank instant coffee that tasted better than the stuff they brew. Can you hear my frustration? Why do they abuse a beautiful drink? Do they not drink their own brew? Do they not love that little bean?

You could use that monkey poo coffee which is famously known as the most expensive coffee in the world and even mentioned about on CSI, and you can still get a shit coffee, if your Barista is actually the "Bean Scrooge" in disguise.

If anyone sees a near full illy branded coffee cup heading to Lidcombe - don't touch it, you deserve better

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Buffet Restaurant Style

To celebrate an birthday all the Chinese restaurants gathered for a "Dai Sick Woo" (Big Eating Gathering)

Plate upon plates of food, the excessiveness just part of the Restaurant life. The partion of uncles and aunties, the wine, leftovers, the shouting. Its just the way I remembered.