Sunday, December 28, 2008


Thanks to Kris for her post about the 'Note from Newtown', I've now added the site to my list of sites worthwhile of a repeat visit...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Gotta love the advertising gurus out there, SMH reporting a 'Mass Brawl' at Central station last night, but when I checked out the article, it also had some rather interesting Oxfam advertising...

Quite appropriate for the tone of the article really...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Playing with the Green Fairy

Or its proper name Absinthe...

This elixir is as famous or as old as DOM Benedictine, (but much nicer) It was famous in the past for its hallucinogenic properties. Its had some very famous drinkers including Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde.

The Bartender (Reece is his name) described Absinthe (and I concur) as having a light licorice, aniseed or fennel flavour. I'm not keen on licorice, but I do like fennel. so I gave it a go.

Reece served it the classic french method with an absinthe spoon, sugar cube and still mineral water. See Method and Plugs below

The Taste: YUM! He was right about the light fennel flavour, it was refreshing with Clean flavours and palette. slightly zesty and it doesn't have that "drinking petrol" sensation of Zambucca.

3 glasses later, and a lot more tottery I think it was safe to say that I adored the drink and will be going back to play with the green fairy in the near future.

You put the spoon on top of the glass, place a sugar cube on the spoon and you pour the absinthe on the sugar cube. This ensured a that the sugar is properly dissolved. then you add still mineral water, pouring that too on the sugar cube. Then remove the spoon and the used sugar cube, and your left with a smoky opaque glass of absinthe, which does remind you of a witches brew...

Restaurant Plug
Last night we had our Christmas party at Emmilou, a tapas and cocktail bar. We had the verandah which was enclosed and we all sat down drank and ate ourselves silly.

I did also try other cocktails Sakeitoome, refreshing and light, then moved onto a Jamaican Julep which was just as lovely.

Bartender Plug
Reece was amazing. Not only are there some unique staple cocktails, but you can give him free rein over your drink and let me tell you its great to leave your taste buds in the hands of a professional. I asked him for something creamy (to go with mud cake) and he made a delightful concoction of creme de cassis, vanilla liqueur white rum. One of the girls wanted a Cosmo, and he created one with white rum and wild hibiscus juice, different but the exact sensation she was after. Christine asked for something tangy and sweet, and she got a cocktail called Volcano.

He also made me a "Papa Doble" which was Ernest Hemingway's favourite drink, served complete with brown paper bag (Hemingway use to drink these on his way home - Paper bag was to disguise the potion)

They have a cocktail course here, so if you or your friends like drinking something different. You can find out the details on their website.

413 Bourke St, Surry Hills
Reservations: (02) 9360 6991
Google Maps

Monday, December 08, 2008

What do you do when...

you have been looking for something that appears to have fallen off the supermarket shelf? You buy 10 of it!

This is what happened the other day when, after about 6+ months we had been looking for Listerine Toothpaste, and we found some at Hot Dollar in Westfield Eastgardens for $2 a tube. Definitely cheaper than full retail.

Eva was like a kid in a candy store, grabbing as many tubes as she could hold, then when she read the expiry date, as '11' her heart sunk, but quickly picked up again when she read it propperly as '11/2009', and she promptly bought 10 tubes.

I just wonder if we'll get through 10 tubes in 12 months, but then again, Christmas is just around the corner...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ceremony Venue

Carisbrook House
More photos on our Flickr page Carisbrook House
Yesterday we started scouting out some locations to have our wedding ceremony, and had a look at Carisbrook House in Lane Cove.

Carisbrook House is located at 334 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove, and was definitely worth the visit. Built in 1835 from local sandstone, the place has been modified a few times since then, but retains is character.

Almost instantly we fell in love with the place, not just the gardens which are fantastic, but the house itself, and in every room there's a story and oodles of history to be told. The gentleman that showed us around was very friendly, and his knowledge was amazing.

When we mentioned that we were thinking about having our wedding ceremony there, and when Eva told him that we were planning for mid/late August 2009, the gentleman assured us that this was the best time of the year as the garden is alive and blooming.

Sadly my camera ran out of juice, and I had to resort to using the camera in my N95, but luckilly I'd taken a number of great shots before this happened.

More photos can be found on our Flickr page, StephEvaPhoto

We also had a look at Clarkes Point Reserve in Woolwich, but weren't so taken with it, great location, but it is very open, and should the weather be bad, your well out in the open with few places to hide.

Clarkes Point Reserve is definitely blessed with some fantastic views of the city, but it's hard to get to, and when the wind blows, it blows hard as it was yesterday afternoon.

More photos can be found on our Fickr page, StephEvaPhoto

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A quick question

Did you remember your bento???

No - Eva Onigiri not happy!!!

or could it be....

Eva Onigiri very happy

Thursday Bentos

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Too tired to explain. Hope they enjoy their lunches

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

DIY: Its in our DNA

A Pure Gold ad from a little island to our east

So cute. And the reference to the Castle is just the tops. :D

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bento Box Friday

Thank God its Friday!

Tonight I had to zip out to Ikea to grab some new plants. (The bosses oregano has been shredded by caterpillars) While we were out at Rhodes, we had dinner and I pick up some smoked sausages and fresh bread for tomorrow Bento.

I made avocado, ham, cheese sandwiches with the fresh bread. I tried using the cutout to make it cute, but the white bread is too soft for cutting, and i gave up after one sandwich.

So Steph gets 2 "MAN" sandwiches, while ed gets a waffle egg and 2 little men, and 1 "Man" Sandwich. There is some steamed broccoli with soy fish to flavour (need to add) and another octodog. and for dessert theres a zigzag kiwi fruit, honeydew cats and dogs (a few sheep too) and some red grapes.

Note: The yellow onigiri from yesterdays bento didn't go down well, I packed the rice a bit too hard into the moulds and the "Chinese Fighting Rice Balls" (according to Steph) were not consumed. Will have to look for alternatives.

Bento Box Thursday 201108

Both boys forgot their Wednesday bento boxes, so they had them for dinner, that meant i didn't have to cook dinner, so I snacked on the makings and had a light dinner!

So Tomorrows Bento Boxes are....

Using yellow turmeric rice I've moulded flowers and rabbits. Both bento boxes have potato salad (yeah I made heaps) and a green salad with cherry tomatoes, flower carrots and lettuce.

Ed's Bento Box -
The Rabbit is sitting on another bed of yellow rice, and korean salted nori, and 2 octodogs - i use my new tool! So cool! Doesnt like skin, so I'll have to go for skinless frankfurts next time. (Buy one here)

Steph's Bento Box -
The flower have cherry tomato centres and I had to wrap them in cling wrap to stop them from sticking to everything. There are also rockmelon flowers for dessert - Steph ate the leftover rind for dessert tonight

Close ups of the octodog, and green salad

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bento Box Wednesday 191108

Tomorrow Bento Boxes......

Ed's Bento Box -
Ed didn't eat his dinner last night so it was the basis of his bento. The cheesy face (grin) is Kraft single slices, with face cutouts hiding the pasta (dinner). Above the pasta/cheese is neatly arranged Japanese potato salad from yesterday. (but Ed gets more carrots as they pack neatly in like stick of hair!)

Steph 's Bento Box -
Steph gets a bit more variety in his bento, there are chicken rice onigiri with pickled ginger. Potato Salad from yesterday and Rock melon and Honeydew Flowers. There is wasabi and soy satchels for added flavour.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tonights Menu

Takoyaki - Going to give these a go tonight and Okonomiyaki (heaps of leftovers from last saturday)
Potato Salad

Cheese and Tomato Sandwiches
Potato Salad
Fruit Cups
Takoyaki (if there are any left over)

Going to add the cute factor in *grin* Steph and Ed better watch out! Hahaha

Post: Well not so much cute factor. but the sandwiches are flower shaped...

Stephs BentoBox.
Flower shaped Light Rye Sandwiches with cheese and ham, the large ones have cherry tomato centres. Japanese potato salad and honey dew and rockmelon flowers, served in silicon cupcake moulds.

Eds BentoBox.
Flower shaped Light Rye Sandwiches with cheese and ham, the large ones have cherry tomato centres. Takoyaki balls in foil boat, japanese potato salad and honey dew and rockmelon flowers, served in silicon cupcake moulds.

Hrm! I really need to set up a photo booth!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Bentos

This is my 2nd set of bento boxes, the first ones had the cute factor, but lacked flavour. This time the cute factor is toned down but according to Steph (who has already had his... its 10AM) it was very tasty.

I used leftover chicken mushroom risotto, I moulded square onigiris, wrapped them in nori, added a spinach compot, a little salad, a octo-frankenfurt, a stuffed leek sushi, and a tamago pouch.

Sorry about the photos guys - I'm really starting to hate the lighting in our kitchen

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tempting Bento

I've noticed a few books coming out of Japan about amazing bento boxes. And folks these are works of ART! And it makes my primary school lunches look like peasant food!

The Hello Kitty Bento one the Sanrio Bento Competition.
And the other bento i like as it shows alternative use for sugar gum cutters
Garden Kitty Bento: Link || Garden Bento: Made and shot by Sakurako Kitsa

Just Bento is a great site! - Full of recipes and ideas.

I am so inspired! I popped into the local Japanese Store (Cnr Clarence and Park) [KRIS! This is an AMAZING shop, you have to check it out!] I've bought a few utensils and I plan make this tonight! But I'm on a diet (hence the lack of food blogging) So I wonder if Steph will eat these?

Depending on success or disaster, I'll post some photos.


2 Iron Chefs Down Under

Someone win tattslotto and take me to this amazing event for my birthday.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Garden Children

Meet my new children. I hope they bring in a decent crop.

We started with Baby Corn, Celery, Tomatoes Pyrethrum, Apple Mint.
Week 1 Album
Weve added Rocket, Coriander, Thyme
Week 3 Album

Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

Wow. What did we not do?
  • Dropped into Ikea, picked up plants, pots, and furniture for the Office
  • Dropped into Boon Chocolate, to visit our friends new chocolate shop!
  • Dropped into Ozdesign and pick up some coffee tables for work
  • Cooked the last small piece of Dads Roast Pork and made soup. (there's room in the freezer! Whoohoo)
  • Dropped into the office to unload and construct furniture.
  • Had lunch with Pep and Ray
  • Talked to Pep about wedding invites, and various other ideas
  • Uncle Harry and Auntie Angela were up in Sydney. Had dinner at Tre Viet, Newtown
  • Then ate deadly cake at Mickey's Newtown for dessert

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweetness Patissere

OH MY! This lady produces some Treasures!

She had a stall at the Food for Future Fair in Chippendale which Tina was organising and Lulu and I (& Denzil by coercion) dropped by to help out. Gena runs Sweetness Patissere based in She had for sale, Lime and Lemon, Poppyseed Shortbread and Double Choco-chip Biscuits and English Toffee.

I fell in lust with the lemon lime shortbread. The zesty citrus, gave the buttery shortbread a lightness, and the poppy seeds a new different texture.

Hopefully she does more markets, I don't think I could living that long between shortbread fixes!

More photos from the event can be found here.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A bit too spicy

Note to self: If you get itchy after eating very spicy food. Go to the hospital pronto

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bring forth the Dancing Queen

It just gets better and better! Sony have annouced Singstar ABBA!

From my readings it looks like its going to be a limited release too. Interesting.

Now all they have to do is create a multi disc holder so you don't have to keep swapping discs all the time! oh and tone down that jingle after you've sung a song!

Snip Snip

Woohoo! I've closed another credit card.

4 steps away from debt free! (note: 3 of them are HUGE >_<) but its a start!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tiramisu Week

Making your own Mascarpone... Just in case I want to take the Tiramisu thing one step further.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Suitcase ideas

Landed in Sydney this morning with Ed after a hectic week in Hobart.

While waiting for our luggage, I watched the conveyer belt roll around with some abandoned luggage. Then thought it would be a pretty cool idea if you could get sushi luggage.

I would get the prawn one, and the tail would double up as the wheelie handle hider. and you could get your name tag as a dab of green wasabi.

Turns out Japan have already noticed this potential idea have have utilised it in Oita Airport

See blog post here

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sing Star Disney!


OMG!!! Singstar Disney?!?!

How exciting!!!

This is so going on the pre-order list!

Steph: Oh god....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ham Tomato and Cheese Scrolls

Ham Tomato and Cheese Scrolls. Mmm. I had one for breakfast, and simply had to make some. This receipe is basically a scone mixture, which is fine for some... But not for me. I have warm hands. and its impossible for me to rub butter into flour without melting it! Enter the food processor - this is a wonderful. not only do you get a great dough, you'll have minimal cleaning!
Roll out the dough into a rectangle (que my Tassie huon pine rolling pin!!!) and smother in tomato paste, lay out the ham, and sprinkle with cheese. Roll up the retangular pizza into a swiss roll, and cut slices and plonk on a baking tray. Bake for 15mins @ 200 degrees and pop into your mouth with a hot coffee as a lovely treat.

Receipe can be found here!
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of an Era

After 19 years and countless meals, Flourishing Court Chinese Restaurant is closing its doors for good.

We've had John Howard (sweet and sour pork), Ray Groom (likes Churchill Red) Sri Lanka Cricket Team, British Cricket Team (like steamed fish), West Indies Cricket Team, Wo Hung Yee, Gong Yun Yee (Miss Hong Kongs) and who could forget the Singaporeans by the truckloads.

Albert and Cathy Ng, the owners - chef and waiting team, are looking forward to a long long holiday.

I'm very happy for mum and dad, they're not the spring chickens they use to be. And who knows, after a big holiday maybe I might go back into the Trade.

The last day of opening is the 31st of August. If you want to monitor where mum and dad open next keep an eye here.

Those who wish to contact Albert and Cathy Ng, please email me or post a comment here.

After reading a few reviews online, Albert makes his own Roast Duck, Chicken, Barbeque Pork from scratch. Not flown in from interstate. His love for food and fear of not having enough has resulted in huge dishes, and 2 people could be stuffed on entrees and 1 main with rice.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tassie and Things to Do

Hooray! Heading down to Tassie for the first week of Spring!

Dad and Mum has sold the restaurant and they are on their way to a well earned break! So we are heading down to throw out old stuff and pack and ship some stuff to Sydney.

Now every Tassie living overseas has a list of things to do at home, and these are mine.

  • Tiramisu @ Maldinis
  • Meat Pie & Hartz Mineral Water @ Banjoes
  • Fish and Chips at Mures
  • Drive up to Mount Wellington
  • Dinner at La Provencale
Being a foodie, most of my "to do's" revolve around eating...

Shanghai Night Chinese Restaurant

Pictures speak a thousand words.
And if that doesn't convince you,
$15per person for a table of 12 for all this food just might...

Shanghai Night Chinese Restaurant
275 Liverpool Road,

Kafleeeeeen! Forget the World Square one - This is the real deal!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Archery Centre

Sunday morning.... 9am... argh. so sleepy! one more hour.... Eyes droop down and next thing we know its 11am!!! EEK!

We missed out on yumcha with Christine and Faye. But did have time for a quick spree at Ikea for some office plants for work.

Then at 2pm we went to Olympic park to shoot some targets at the Archery Centre. Which is located at the end of Bennelong road (near the athlete accomodation) A lovely open space with 5 metre kung fu poles for Fong Sai-Yuk and a barbeque area.

We were booked to do a come & try session ($20) which involves an introductory course on archery, a bow and 3 arrows to shoot for 1/5hrs.

The instructors were funny and good to chat with. And we will be back to do the beginners course and become wise archers. Maybe one day we will be a good as Grandpa Robin Hood. *wink*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good One Qantas

Note Prior: Seems like most of the posts are full of whinging.... sorry. I promise the next one will be on food. (and will not be about egg tarts)

First you stuff up the Olympics with ill-placed advertisement
Then you RUIN my holidays!!!!!!!
We haven't flown Q for a while and now I determined to keep flying with the Q to a minimum.
Why? Well let me tell you what happened sister!
We checked in, did as we were told, and luckily scored seats right behind business class. The extra leg space was a blessing! I was totally delighted and changing my thoughts about Qantas...
Then the stuff up.
The seat allocation had shoved everyone up the front of the plane.
So to balance the weight we were told to move from Seats 4A and 4B to 28A and 28B 2nd last seat on the plane.
Why would you move 4 people when you could move every third person in each full row and spread people out? I can only guess that is something due to the ticket we bought, or we didn't check in on line or I'm a fat and my employer has given me a 7kg Laptop.
To understand my anger and disgust imagine yourself in the following scenario
You have just entered the Aria Restaurant, famous for its service, food and view. You've arrived early and you have been seated at a window table. You are delighted, and you thank the waiter and you look forward to a wonderful meal and evening. You've settled in, you're admiring the beautiful view. Other guests are arriving and you have just ordered your pre-dinner drinks. You are looking forward to your first sip of your martini, thinking that life isn't so bad, and you plan on telling all you friends and family about the wonderful evening you're going to have. Then.
The Head Waiter walks up. Tells you that they have given you the wrong table. That you need to be moved.
You're bewildered. Hurt. But you follow the head waiter and they guide you to a table right next to the toilet and the kitchen.
Great. F'ing Great.
I hope NO one else experiences this

Friday, August 08, 2008

A delicious arrest

A while ago we were watching the late night news as we were settling in for the night.

Teeth brushed, Jim-Jams on... I'm packing away some stuff on the bedside table, when Steph looks at me pipes up "Salty Eggs"


Turns out Bin Laden's driver had been sentenced. A Britsh reporter dictated a victorious article where the driver Salim Hamdan was sentenced to 5 &1/2 years prison.

"Ham Dan" is Chinese for Salt Preserved Eggs (literal translation: Salt Eggs), and is a delicacy that is enjoyed by thousands of Asians.

So Bin Laden had a salty egg for a driver.

It seems the more they learn of another language the stranger the spots it seems to turn up in.

Beijing Olympic Ceremony

Wow! Right now the athletes are just waking in. And the show especially the Muslim General and his seven treasure journeys was totally amazing!

However what was not amazing?

The bloody adverts!

Channel 7, you have ruined one of the most amazing moments for China and the world. Yes i can name every single brand that was flapped on the screen, but i dont name them with joy or pride. Ill declare every one of them with disgust and hate.

Gruen come back and voice our abhorrence.

Friday, August 01, 2008

St Peters Friut World

I feel at home when I'm surrounding by 20L Cans of cooking oil... Ed and I use to pay around these as kids growing up in the restaurant.

We zipped past this place a few times and finally had time to go in a few weeks ago.

The veggies are considerably cheaper and there's a huge asian section too. And the Plus is that the checkout chicks are much nicer than those at Metro Grocer in Marrickville!

And if your Russian there's a freaky Russian deli next door where you can buy Russian things and Russian caviar!

Details below!

St Peters Fruit World
4/19 Unwins Bridge Road

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I know it's been a while, but I thought I'd start my first post in almost 11 months with this...


Tomato Egg Uniform

While others are bagging out the Official Chinese uniform for the Olympics Beijing 2008... I have admire anyone who dresses up like their favourite dish....

You have to say it would be the ultimate compliment to your mama's cooking.

And look on the bright side... Its not Stinky Tofu.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dan Tart - Mishaps...

SBS has finished its coverage of tour de France,and is showing photos of europe with classical music...

The last batch came out of the oven at 1.30am. I tried making it with soo pei pastry, which is called the thousand layer pastry. I havent got it right...

This is what is suppose to look like

This is what turned out.

so tired.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cook Books

This is cool, a mixture of my two favourite things! Cooking and NDS.

Haven't jumped in too far yet, but I definitely want to try the Bang Bang Chicken (Chicken Breast Salad with Sesame Dressing)

Its full of stuff and hints for the non cook, so if you've got a geek friend who lives on take out. Get them THIS!
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, July 07, 2008

New set of eyes

Got new glasses today.

Phwor! X-ray Vision! I cant stop staring!

But seriously if your in need of glasses go to these guys

12C Optmtertist.
Lowerground Sydney Central Plaza
(Next to Elle Rouge, opp Sweet Shop)

Ask for Tony, he will look after you.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Singstar - New Volume

Move over Beyonce! Theres no room here for you Madonna! And Britney? Girlfriend stay at home. Because Bollywood has joined the Singstar Family!

I'm not a fan, I do have a horror-fascination (might be something to do with the swirling bright colours)

Anyway the song list is here...

The game has only been released in UK and India, (fancy that...) But the powers of Internet and chips. I got Steph to download it for me, and Ed to burn it to play.

I watched the Vid Clips last night - Hip-shaking, feet stamping, running through lush green fields, rain damped saris, temples, deer and sunlight - all the essential components needed for a Bollywood Fantasy...

Summary: Amusing, punctuated with OMG! and unleashed Laughter...


Steph: Eva, You are not to pull this out when we have company...
Eva: Aww! Well... Look on the bright side! I didn't ask you to find the Swedish or German Singstar Games
Steph: Oh god...
Ed: Cool! We could have our own Eurovision!
Steph: Ed. Do Not Encourage her.

Addition: I take that back, If you want to buy Singstar Bollywood - go here

Monday, June 16, 2008

Egg Custard Tarts (Dan Tarts) - Round 2

I think I've got dads bug for perfection... A few weeks ago I made Dan Tarts based on a Tai Cheung Bakery recipe. The result was a mega sweet but well-liked tart. Which is okay if you were making Sweet Tarts, but I'm making Egg Tarts! So a retrial was in order.

Historically this little dessert has a soft spot in my heart - I remember Dad making them in the restaurant once really late at night. (might have dreamt this)
I also remember eating my first egg tart in Hong Kong - I swear I had gone to heaven. I think the aunties went back the next day for more.
Mum while in HK, once bought a whole box of egg tarts for the family dinner, Dennis was given the duty of carrying them up to Grandma's House. He was 4 or 5 at the time and flung the pastry box around like a toy... The delicate soo-pei was crushed, the sweet egg custard obliterated and Dennis has never been able to live it down since.

Anyway back to the recipe, and this time I am so glad to say that i have got the egg mixture so right! So follow this everyone!
  • 4 whole eggs
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 30ml Advocaat
  • 200ml evaporative milk
  • 250g sugar
  • 450g water
  1. Dissolve the sugar and water allow to cool
  2. Put the rest in a bowl, beat together with the cooled sugar water. put in fridge to cool for 30mins. (gets rid of bubbles)
  3. pour into pastry flans and bake till bubbling, gold brown if desired.
Pastry... mmm not so good, its okay - not dry, but the small moulds don't allow for a thin pastry shell - The larger ones do. Not sure what to do here... Will try being crueler with mini moulds

The eggs mixture is perfect, not too sweet and the rich sweetness of the advocaat really comes out. The extra egg yolks add a bit more eggy-ness and there a film of sugar stickyness that begs for finger licking... YUM!
Also please find the link to my egg custard tart photo album....

What's for Dinner?

Something to freak them out...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Your Say

Vote! People Vote!

We need to PURGE!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Egg Custard Tarts (Dan Tarts)

What are you doing at 1am in the morning?

Right now I'm testing my dan tarts.

When I was in Hong Kong, I wanted to learn the art of making Soo Pei Dan Tart. Timing and cost prevented me from joining the class I found. But I did find a book on egg tarts with ATROCIOUS Grammar, with a nice dan tart with biscuit crust recipe.

Although they're a bit black around the edges. (We have a testy oven) The results are pretty yum!

  • Individual tins are the way to go, allows you to press the pastry right in.
  • Muffin trays are useless.
  • Silicon moulds rock my world
  • 450ml of water is the same as 450g of water
  • Using 450g of sugar means getting really sweet dantarts (next time lower the sugar content)
  • Our oven obviously works 50*C above what the dial tells me.
  • I have a lot of dan tarts to test out on people
  • Cant have long fingernails to make this recipe.
Well Ed managed to hoff down about 6 of them... and the WGPs swallowed the rest. So I think I've got thumbs up for the recipe. :)  but.
  • I still think they are too sweet and not eggy enough. so more egg yolks next time (= macaroons! )
  • I think addingAdvocaat will be a good idea too.
  • Brandy glaze *drool*
  • I remember la cuisine had an amazing crust with almond meal... I'll try that in round three.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Australian Salmon

SPECIAL! Australian Salmon $2.50/kg

Huh? What? Fish for under $5/kg??? (what's wrong with it?)

Well you never know until you try... So I bought a whole fish (close to 2kgs) and took it home. Then rolled up my sleeves... and hit the keyboard for the power of Google

After 10mins, I decided it was for baking and stuffed the fish with tomatoes, celery, Lemon (home grown), Chinese Chives and Parsley, Garlic salt, Ground Pepper and olive oil. Wrapped in tinfoil and straight into the oven at 200*C for 20mins

Results Delicious! The fish is funny looking, with its red flesh and white flesh. Prepackaged fish eaters might be alarmed by its multi-coloured flesh.
I served it with a spicy couscous, with continental parsley, chopped tomato and celery. Went down a treat!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dinner with the Girls

Saturday, We kicked the boys out of the house to run wild!

The girls from Work and Kath joined me for an asian cookup and a game of mahjong

The menu had
  • Beef Stew (using the thermos pot)
  • I made Soup (Ginger, Pork, Lotus root, Mushrooms, Beancurd Sticks, Snow Fungus)
  • Fish with Ginger and Shallots
  • Curry Chicken with Malaysian curry base
  • Spicy Eggplant with minced pork
  • Stir fried veggies.

Then the girls finished off the last of the chocolate pots from Steamboat
Photos below.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Food Porn

Words cannot describe how tasty this was... Kathleen can do wonders with crab. I wont challenge the master
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Steamboat 2008 - Aftermath

Did you see that Chilli Mud crab and Noodles? Oh my god! It was orgasmic!

After steamboat there was so much food left over, everyone came over for round 2!
  • That Singapore Chilli Mudcrab on Ramen Noodles (Kathleen, you could knock Gordon on his butt with that dish)
  • Udon with Beef and Mushroom Stirfry (More beef than meat) but Vi it went so quickly!
  • School Mackerel Fishcakes (Christine's delicious piece of art)
  • Vegetable Steamboat
  • HoneyNuts - Frangelico (Hazelnuts) Baileys, Kahlua, Honey and Cream with Ice
  • Karaoke - Vi's swan song I touch myself by the Divinyls
  • Still enough leftovers for everyone to take a lunch box home!

Thankyou to all that helped out!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Steamboat 2008

Wow its been a while since I've posted!

Annual steamboat time, and this year I wanted to focus on seafood. I had an idea that crab would be an ideal new addition to the cooking pot.

We had it early this year as Vi was heading off to London (the city of great opportunities and bad food).

Planning started a while back, always with a brainstorm of suitable ingredients. The previous weekend, i had organised a shopping list. which Vi had vetted and informed me to cater for 10... (how painful!) Did I listen? No.

I ended up buy 8 different variety of green leaf vegetables (that didn't include mushrooms and other vegetable matter)
Seafood selection: Prawns, Salmon, School Mackerel, Squid, Crab (Swimmer and Mud), More Prawns, Tuna... i think there's more?

I was a bit to busy to take photos but here is a selection of everyone else's.

For dessert (yes there was room!) I asked Eric to bring over some blood orange sorbet and I made some chocolate pots to go with it. Those asking for the recipe go here. Basically its a heart-stopping mixture of Cream, Dark Chocolate, Butter, Egg Yolks and a good splash of Cognac.
I also made cocktails made that night
  • Fruit Tingle - Blue Curacao, Vodka, Peach Schnapps/Brandy, Lemonade, Raspberry Cordial, loads of Ice
  • Watermelon and Mint Daiquiri - Bacardi Rum, Strawberry Liqueur, Fresh Mint, Watermelon Pieces, Sugar Syrup, loads of Ice
  • Fluffy Duck - Advocaat, Gin, Lemonade, Cream, and Ice (this is a classic and very yum. normally its shaken and poured over ice, but the blender allows bulk hence the slushy ice texture)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Loyalty Benefits

Now that I have the postbox key (Pointed look at Steph) I've taken to the habit of checking the mailbox every morning before going to work.

Today, in the mailbox, there was a Myer One Benefit booklet.
Inside the Myer One Benefit booklet, there was a series of vouchers.
In the series of vouchers, there was a Wii Fit Voucher!

The voucher gives you a $30 discount (the RRP is $109) + a Wii sports pack, which includes a towel, drink bottle and bag.

Woohooo! No need to guess what we'll be doing tonight!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Simon has done it again! Sequel to Cat Man Do, which never fails to crack me up!

I admire the feline's persistent nature :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Perfect Cupcakes

Kath - Sorry didn't get around to Pear Upside down
Cupcakes - trendy sugar filled bite sized goodness, decadent and luxurious treats. Except when I bake them. Theyre always dry over sweet, not sweet enough. (I'm having a dad moment!) So on the Anzac Long Weekend, I spent the time perfecting a cupcake recipe.

Basic Vanilla Cupcakes
125g Butter, room temp, chopped
2/3 caster sugar + a bit more for luck
1tb vanilla extract ( you ARE making vanilla cupcakes here!!)
2 eggs room temp
1 3/4 cup of self raising flour
2/3 cup of light milk
1-2 tbs olive oil
  1. Beat the sugar and butter until light in colour and creamy, rub a it of it between your fingers, you shouldn't feel any graininess. (resist licking at this stage)
  2. Add 1 tbs vanilla sugar beat that in too (resist the urge to lick)
  3. Add the eggs in one at a time and beat those in too
  4. watch the mixture, if its beginning to split, pop it in the fridge for a little bit, then beat again.
  5. Sift the flour and fold into the batter with the milk in turns i.e. Flour / Milk / Flour / Milk / Flour. always start with flour end with flour. (god know why)
  6. Scoop or pipe into patty cases in the muffin tray.
  7. Bake in fan force oven for 125 Degrees Celsius at 17mins
  8. Skewer to test doneness then pull out of the oven. after 5 mins turn out onto cooling rack. Wait till cool before icing.
Lessons I have learnt:
  • Add olive oil.
  • Always pipe the mixture in. Spooning is messy and results in uneven cupcakes.
  • Lower temperature - better cooking slowly, than fast and hot
  • Reduce Time - check constantly.
  • Use the Fridge, - cooling the mixture seems to help.
  • Strain out the orange zest before piping the chocolate zigzags
  • Chocolate Icing is messy stuff
  • Pandan Cupcake Tray needs heavy greasing. Otherwise all you're left with is muffin tops

Ed and Steph are all sugared out. Now i have to try them out on work colleagues

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fresh Salad complete with Frog

A cute little tree frog was found in this lady's salad bag.

lucky she noticed the little critter before she drizzled her olive oil and balsamic dressing...

Monday, April 07, 2008

A Restaurant I will never go to..

Steph - we are not going to stop here for a bite to eat on our Great Food Tour of China


Eva - The Banana Girl.

Wedding Blog

Ive been working on a wedding blog. Posting my findings and funny things ive found on the web while searching for the wedding.

Heres the link.

Steph will one day put it in the links section... - hopefully before the big day.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Strange Things

I'm not sure which is more strange -

The fact that I was dreaming about Andrew sporting a Beatles Haircut OR

The fact that I laughed myself awake.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pippa the Gadget Dog

Pippa has a fascination with electronics.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Morning

Taxi Driver: Where to Love?
Eva: Railway Square Please
TD: Ahh opposite Hatch Match and Dispatch?
E: Huh? (Perplexed - Thinking Easter Egg Factory)
TD: You know, Births Deaths and Marriages
E: Oh!

Learn a new thing every day...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scary Recipe

Imagine reading this on a menu -
BBQ Chicken Toes

Freaky! As bad as the "Fresh Chicken Nuts" sign I saw in a Takeaway shop once...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Back in Adelaide

We're home for Easter, Adelaide, the home of good olives, coffee, FOOD and high octane fuelled dogs. The weather is on the shade nippy, so we have wood fires at night. Tonight we are having the Milbank tradition of Smoked cod. Yum! Will take pics and upload. No cooking for me!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

How to make your partner cook more frequently

Add lots of curry powder.

I made lamb shanks using the shuttle chef on Friday (Kath heres the recipe!) I mixed it Friday, slow cooked it Friday night then left it to stew Saturday in the fridge. 2 days of cooking! But while i was mixing it i added a little too much curry powder... and the result was a rather spicy but so yum lamb shanks!.

Steph has the chilli tolerance of a baby's bottom. He managed to eat the meat and left the rest, delcaring it to be too spicy. Then informed me that he was going to make the bangers and mash (we're to have tonight) to protect himself from the chilli.

Wuss. Oh well I don't have to cook! YAY!

Friday, March 14, 2008

No Free Train Rides

Typical Sydney - If its a Good idea, Let's kill it before we try it.

If its Bad (oh City Cross Tunnel) Lets do it!

Can we get fire this government? It really sucks.

A Sour Delivery

I just signed for a package on behalf of one of the employees and I think I have received the worse service of my life!
  • The Courier yelled at me for not labeling our suite (Ahh. Building Manager Decision!)
  • An afternoon delivery was requested - he arrived at 10.30am
  • Yelled at me for not having the words Global Market Insite on our door (theres a big plaque that says GMI)
  • My office is in the back, there's also a door bell to get my attention. He knocked.
  • He leered at the staff as they walked in and gave her a thumbs up with a slimy, dirty, disgusting possibly vomit inducing expression on his face and IN FRONT OF ME!!
GROSS! I think I have been disgusted out. Retribution
  • Called the company up and complained
    • Care Factor: So-so, but the girl was just a messenger. See what the Regional Franchise Manager says.
  • Called the Sender Company up and told them how unprofessional the delivery was.
    • They were suitably horrified and would get onto the supervisor immediately
  • Blogging it and naming names.
The courier service was Fastway Couriers. If you ever use them make sure you emphasis professionalism of the deliverymen. Or your company will suffer the detriment of a distressed customer who would have been otherwise delighted to received your package.

If Santa handed you your presents with a growl, cursing and yelling at you for not having a chimney or gas-fireplace - lets see how cheery Christmas would be

Good Butcher in the city

does anyone know of a good butcher in the CBD? Is there such thing?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wasaby Japanese Restaurant

Steph joined me for Lunch today! What a surprise! :) So i took him to Wasaby, a restaurant i tried out last month. It was a lot busier this time round but the service was still just as good and the food so yum!

I picked the Seafood Chirashi Sushi Set and steph had the Eel and rice in a hot stone bowl with Konbu Dashi Soup.

Seafood Chirashi Sushi - $17.80

The seafood was fresh, the squid - clean, texturous, the wasabi was perfect, not overly strong. and the miso fragrant, flavoursome without being too salty.

Steph's eel bowl was beautifully presented, in a hot stone bowl, sizzling, the scent of crunchy rice in the air. There was a little bamboo paddle for scooping the hot rice out of the stone bowl and into a pretty black ceramic bowl and matching spoon. The konbu dashi soup was served in an ornate teapot and was to be drunk by pouring into the stone bowl and sprinkled with the condiments served.

Steph and I are going back to try out the rest of the menu! Next time I'm getting the BBQ Wagu Beef on Volcanic stone from Mt Fuji

Wasaby Japanese Restaurant
119 york Street, Sydney NSW 2000
P 02 92677 0822

Friday, March 07, 2008

Folder Names

Just chatting to IT about setting up a share folder on the file server in sydney. when IT asked what i wanted to call the folder. They suggested Rapid Team Collaboration Folder....

"Wow! Now That is Fancy!" me thinks, I always call my personal folder Transfer or Transition and when its been a bulk folder its always called the Dumping Ground, then I put on my Aussie hat and came up with "Back of the Ute"

Now that is a cool share folder name!

But we settled on Team Share. (only a few of the team members are Aussie and would understand what "Back of the Ute" meant)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Death and Taxes

"Only two certainties in life are Death and Taxes" Benjamin Franklin

Shit. Turns out my old job stuffed up my payroll tax and didn't take out my HECs payments.

Now I'm stuck with a $5000 bill i have to pay back. Where do I get that sort of money?

I explained the stuff up, and quite Frankly they don't give a flying F. "The Onious is on you"
YOU are suppose to understand the payroll system YOU are suppose to understand the tax system

Doesn't matter that its the most convoluted and frustrating system in the world.

I've organized a repayment system. I DO NOT LIKE IT. Not one bit. and if anyone mentions The ATO in my hearing will have their ears deafened and probably punched in.

Mood: Blacker than Hell.

Monday, February 11, 2008

First meal at wasaby

The best thing about changing jobs is that you get a new hunting ground for lunch foraging. This little resturant is located behind QVB, tucked underneath this gothic building with really cool art deco gates.
The bright green and white logo was cheery, and when you walk in, its seems like a world away, very zen and very peaceful. The restaurant was empty bar another couple. And I sat down to order what had caught my eye in the first place.

Waygu Hamburger Steak. $18.80

yeah i know its a bit expensive for lunch. But the food was delightful! Very good japanese food without the oil, noise and bad service. And best of all the side dishes!

These are the side dishes that came with my burger. Starting top left - Agedashi Tofu, Green salad with light dressing, Fresh fruit, Chanwan mushi (Steamed Seafood flavoured Egg), A selection of Pickles (note: i didnt eat the cucumber) miso soup, steamed rice

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So yum!

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Food Blog - Dodgy Chinese = Great Food

It was Friday Night, and that meant dragging my lump of lead (aka Henry the Laptop) home, on top of that I had my gym bag... I wasnt in the mood to deal with public transport, so I bribed Steph out to the city for dinner (and to pick me up)

I suggested the Taiwanese place next door, but Steph wasnt in the mood for hot food, so our other options was japanese or chinese. Chinese had a queue and the A4 photos of the dishes posted on the wall were mouth watering!

We pre-ordered with the waiteress who kept babbling to me in mandarin, to which, i would keep saying "wo bu hui shuo Gaw Yuu" (I don't understand mandarin). After 15 mins we took a seat. Admired the irrelivant plastic grapes hanging from the ceiling, ask Kath said - "China's famous for its grapes" so from the decor, we weren't expecting much, but the dishes came out totally delicious!

We chose a few 1/2 serves of Dumplings and Spring Onion Pancakes. The spring onion pancakes were thin, with HEAPS of stuffing, veggies, vermcilli, beanshoots. Dry but so flavoursome!.

The Dumplings! OH my were they good! Big and Fat, full of beef and chinese chives, juice would squirt out with every bite.

For mains, i chose Salt and Peppered Squid and Braised Eggplant. The squid was so so, just deep-fried squid with a pile of "salt and pepper" on the side, but the Eggplant!... oh it was fried to perfection! Crispy outside, with a delcious soy sauce, and hot gooey inside.

Will be going back again!

*This will be the last food blog for a while. This meal plus the meat focused Saturday has rung the death knoll on my weight. I am abstaining. So if you see me eating - hit me. Or better still knock me out.
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