Friday, June 29, 2007


Find out how your mouse cursor really works

Run your mouse around the window, but watch out, it tires easily, but don't forget to 'click'

Unfortunately my Japanese is as bad as my English, but it's a cool concept. but not as cool as Badger Badger Badger... Mushroom Mushroom!


Liveish video of Nobby's Beach where the Pasha Bulker has parked for the winter...

Photo : ABC

Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister

You decide...

Got this email from Eva today...
Subject: Shocking
Body of email: What's more shocking?
  • NAB have given me an AMEX card
  • I'm finishing work at 12 to go and do banking for the boss
  • Ive left my mobile at home AGAIN
Generally I can cope with point 3, she does this all the time, not sure why I need to know about the banking, probably rubbing it in that she can finish early on a Friday. But Point 1 is definitely a worry... We'll be discussing this tonight!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Diamond Research and coming off the Market

One of the reasons we were going to HK was to buy a diamond. A few months before hand I was panicking about buying such an expensive product and I couldn't actually call it a diamond or an engagement ring. So it was nicknamed as "That Thing" or in Cantonese "Gore Gau Yeah" aka (That lump of a thing.)

But as time approached to fly the fear abated and the excitement of a holiday and the rock hunt took over. I was ready! The first day, we changed some cash, had breakfast and hit the shops! We wandered into the more expensive brand name shops like Chow Sang Sang and King Fook but with their Air Con set on "Artic Freeze", we didn't linger long. There was one shop that I was keen to see, a chain called MyJewelry, who was the only store I could find an online price list and details of diamonds in HKD.

I ended up picking the first diamond I saw with Kathleen, after abandoning the boys to their IT adventure, we walked into the first jewelery store which happened to be TSL, a lovely girl called Abby served us, and after much water, tea and discussion, I put the diamond on hold for The Payer to approve.

1 week later, I had a ring in a huge box and Steph was left feeling a bit poor...

2 weeks later I had a ring on my finger and a huge smile and Steph was left feeling a bit relieved.

So for the next engagee looking for "That Thing" in Hong Kong, cos the HIW (Husband In Waiting) won't help. Here's all my research.
Eva's Priority: Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carats - Yours may differ, but sparkle does depend on cut and colour more than clarity unless the imperfection is huge and black. Carats - well that's up to you and your man)

For the Novelty Factor
(Note: Remember the .hk or you'll end up with a different sort of box... >_<)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stand & deliver...

Wicked Campers, they're everywhere, each one is unique, but this one caught my eye as I was driving along McEvoy Street this arvo... Alas I didn't see the side of the van.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Beemer - Is it on its last leg?

Were going to pick up the Beemer tonight from the mechanics AGAIN!

This time the accelerator cable snapped.

It all happened as we were driving down to Hurstville for a meat run and on Princes Highway, Steph stepped on the accelerator and nothing happened!

We quickly turned into Canal Road, and called up NRMA to sign up and give us a tow.

Well NRMA isn't the cheapest and certainly not the most stress free.
Joining Fee was $85, the admin fee was $55 and because we needed service there an there there was a priority call out fee of $150!

Talk about taking an arm and a leg! and your first born.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good Food and Wine Show

Today we teamed up with A and K for the Good Food and Wine Show (GFWS) held every year at Darling Harbour.

GFWS is basically it’s a show about food aimed at the home cookers of the world, bring them easy (sometimes nasty) alternatives for easy entertaining.

Last time we went, we hit the wine stalls with an empty stomach and ended up with a huge stash of show bags.This time we stopped by the chinese bakery to line our tummies before ending the beast...

A highlight of the show was watching Ainsley Harriot and his volunteer audience member Charlie. Charlie being an old fashion aussie bloke, (inept at cooking bar the BBQ) and Ainsley being Ainsley had us laughing non-stop!

One event was the half-scream of horror Ainsley emiited as poor old Charlie proceeded to add the cayenne pepper into the three cheee souffles, and reprimand...

"Now Charlie boy… When we say a touch of cayenne we mean a pinch! Not a pour. Now give that a bit of crack pepper and that don’t mean you unscrew the lid and pour it in!*

Ainsley showing Charlie the PROPER way of making Lamb Koftas

We also sat through Curtis Stone show which wasn’t as hilarious, I found his food a little to simple (but then the show it is aimed at the home market) The Bump'n'Grind Mortar and Pestle is interesting, but we have 3 at home so I didn't buy one. He did a roast chook, looked okay but no extra stuffing would mean a drier chicken than Stephs. (I hate dry breast meat) The other demos he did were chocolate body paint (a bit of a cheat recipe), and the pear and walnut salad (so last year)

Then to the showbags! All of them were excellent, I was pleased with the Healthly Food Guide showbag which had a good quality plastic container with dividers in it plus a mazagine and other goodies. The Donna Hay one was HEAVY! (note to self - 1kg of sugar weighs a lot!) and the King Island Dairy show bag was so cute! like the old fashion lunchboxes blue collars use to bring their lunch in.

Stop here to collect your Donna Hay Showbag... Beware, may injure shoulders

Other bags we collected were the Good Taste bag, a South Cape, Amoy, Roses Only, BHG.

We have already polished off the Hot Wax Blue Cheese and crackers and all the candy

*not his exact words but something similar

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Busy Itinerary Saves Lives

Oh dear!

We planned on going... but time was short so we skipped it...
Lucky! Or they'll be shipping Steph and Eva pancakes homes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Safari for Windows

Today I found out that Safari 3 was now in beta for Windows.

Great I thought, it's worth a run around the paddock. Downloaded and installed.

It definitely looks impressive compared to the earlier versions I'd tried on the Mac, pages load real fast, it's a tiny download 8mb in size, imports all of the existing plug-ins from both Firefox and IE.

A few problems, it's a bit of a memory hog. Other small niggling things, it doesn't import bookmarks, and doesn't really remember other settings, worst of all, there's no Add-ons (like Firefox), if there are, it's not well documented.

Its early days, but definitely big potential as another alternative to IE on the desktop. Only time will tell.

Waste of time?

Whilst in Hong Kong we bought a Logitech Harmony universal remote, definitely something we've been after for quite some time because we're growing remotes at an amazing rate, last count was 6.

When we got home from Hong Kong, I took pains to set it all up, and it was working, okish... but with a new purchase and yet another remote and reconfiguration of our entertainment hub... I had to start again.

So tonight was the night to set it up and get it working

It certainly didn't help with Eva constantly asking if she could use the Wii.

"No! Not yet!" Would be my answer

But after a few hours of frustration and learning how the software interprets some functions, I've now got it doing exactly what I want.

I wandered into the bedroom to find a sulking Eva playing her DS Lite, and let her know that I'd finished.

But the icing on the cake was showing that she could run everything through the U-Remote, and I quote "Ahh definitely worth the wait" was her response.

Now she's happily shooting Eledees

Friday, June 08, 2007

Cooking Mama

The games coming out the Wii are relased pretty slowly and not that much fun. But Cooking Mama has finally come out! Having played it on the DS lite its a great game and I've even had a few foodie friends hooked on it too.

And the game has been released on the Wii! Hooray Cooking with Action! The good thing about the game is it is teaching Edmund on how to cook food... But it looks like he might have a long way to go...

While tossing the pasta for Squid Ink Spagetti

Ed: Eww its all black! its burnt!
Eva: its Squid Ink! Of Course its fricking Black!

Game thoughts: Fun! the animations are funny, the food looks abit unrendered but you get the idea! Steph was annoyed after 10mins but he has no paitence for the game. An amusing/after-a-while irritating point is the English pronunciation - "Better than mama" sounds like "doesn't matta!" and "Never mind" is actually said "Do not mind!" there are more but i wont spoil it for you.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Back Home!

2 weeks of shopping, family, fun and we're back.

Cold, dreary Sydney, grumpy customs, couldn't-care-less Sydney Airport, the rat race, grey work, suits, early mornings, dark nights.

City rail and buses Wahhh!!! I want to go back!

The Charity Fund for HK 2008 is now open for any donations!