Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The butt on the harbour

The Queen Mary docking at Garden Island Naval Base...

The City of Sydney did not consider the extra traffic that the boat would cause, so traffic was backed up in Wooloomooloo, Potts Point, Cahill Expressway and William Street from about 2pm onwards...

The 311 bus was packed from Circular Quay with every man and his dog heading down to Woolloomooloo to check out the big "butt".

Even The army had a bit of fun, flying big chezel choppers (army helicoptors with big holes in them) all over the city, pausing next to world tower. Slowing the city traffic even further... Fun!

It made the news, and my god it was a sight!

At this size, a quote from Finding Nemo comes to mind...

Tad:"I know what that is! Oh oh Sandy Plankton saw one. He called it... uh... he said it was called a 'butt'."
Pearl:"Wow...That's a pretty big butt."
To Listen click here

(Source: moviesoundclips dot net)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cupcakes on Pitt

I love this shop, specializing purely in cupcakes* and open early in the morning I bought a few for work - passionfruit, banana and lemon meringue cupcakes.
Today i stopped by before work to grab a savoury muffin, I choose up a pumpkin, fetta, tomato and pesto muffins; one for me and one for the boss (a well fed lion... err boss is nicer than a grumpy hungry one)
But i have to admit that this muffin was DELICIOUS! The fetta added bubbles of saltiness, the tomato giving a bit of tartness, the pesto adding fragrance and flavour but THE BEST BIT! was the pumpkin MMM soft, gooey and sweet, a surprise in the centre of the muffin, just like a Pascall's chocolate ├ęclair (another favourite of mine)

What can i say... I'm a texture girl.

Other reviews
*there are some sausage rolls for those men who JUST CAN'T be seen eating a pink cupcake!

Cupcakes on Pitt
Shop 2, 323 Pitt Street Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9264 4644
Company Web

Iron Chef Book

Another book to add to the library... It was on special at Dymocks so i snapped it up!

Ive long been an Iron Chef fan, and thats easy to figure out...
  1. Its about food
  2. Its Japanese
  3. Is the only decent thing to watch on Saturday Nights
So about the book, its a great read for those who love the show. It covers lots of areas that are behind the scene, with interviews with the backstage people and a fully comprehensive list of the battles, challenger chefs and judges. And it even has the Iron Chef Stats! Weird!

There are even recipes in it! However, i doubt i will be cooking Foie Gras Kanpon or Chocolate Flavored Tuna Cooked in Red Wine Sauce or Hamo with Truffle Sauce Royale... But there is a chinese dessert recommended by Hattori-san - Spicy Papaya Soup with red dates, papaya pieces, and aigyoku jelly this one looks interesting and remotely do-able.

Each Iron Chef also gets to talk, each one recollects their experiences (hated and loved), their distaste for their costumes,with wry and funny comments about the food, the crew, challengers, their restaurants dealing with their families when they lose a battle... My favourite is Michiba-san's comment(he was 63 when he joined the show)
"...You know what they say; it's a sign of old age when you start saying "heave-ho!" before every move"
Love it. You can buy it here

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jen joined us in Chinatown today, and to our delight as we arrived, the dragon was going around lighting the fire crackers to scare off the evil spirits.

Here are some of the photos...

The Crackers leave no table uncovered...

This is the first stop... The heavens had opened and there was some serious rain that made the dragons pause...

The Crackers waiting for the dragon...

Fire Crackers outside Yet Sun Groceries

Outside Yet Son Groceries the rain had started again at this point

The heavens opened

This lady was crossing the road and tho she didnt like the noise, but she was quite animated by the crackers.

The Dragon turning around the corner off Goulburn St, onto Sussex Street

Outside Golden Century Restaurant, Giving an offering to the pagan gods, The red bin on the side holds all the paper stuff you burn to go down to hell where the ancestors are... There's a white chook, three chopsticks and three wine cups along with a suckling roast pig. I'm not 100% clear on why you do it, but its a tradition that people follow...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Eva put the kettle on...

Uncle Harry!!! Thanks to Mum we're all sorted for your next visit!

Inspiring Salads

From the creative gourmet kitchens of David Jones Food Hall...

Rocket, Beetroot, Goats Cheese and Walnut Salad
(you can see the price $_$)

mmm! I must make this some time at home... It certainly beats that old Chicken Ceaser...

A Good Deal and a Good Meal

This Restaurant in Piccadilly Plaza has a special deal...

Spend Thirty dollars or more on food/drinks and your car parking fee will only be $7.00 for the whole day. And the food isn't half bad too! And the trolley service is quick and ask and you shall receive is the waiting staff motto it seems

Palace Chinese Restaurant
Level 1, 133-145 Castlereagh St Sydney NSW 2000

Nice Buns!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Buddist Temple

Today Uncle Peter drove all of us down to the Wollongong Temple for a visit. It was our first time there, same with Mum and Dad and we were pretty amazed by the beauty of the place...

Outside of the temple...

Of course you cant take photos inside the temple but the Buddhas were pretty amazing, and a bit freaky too... one could swear their eyes were following you...

The Souvenir shop with a Buddha museum, displaying all the different sorts of buddahs around the world.

The gardens were immaculate and very serene inspiring.

We got there too early to eat Jai (Chinese for vegetarian) so we ended up going for a drive down to Kiama and had the most amazing Chinese food! I have to figure out where the phone photos have downloaded to before i can write about it.
POST: Found them!

We visited the blow hole of Kiama, but there was no wind and it was low tide so nothing happened there... Afterwards a long drive back to Pymble were we rested until dinner time.

We enjoyed a pretty good meal here, but to be honest after a full week of eating out on chinese, we were totally chinesed out...

Jade City Restaurant
2-10 Central Ave, Thornleigh

Dragon Garden Chinese Restaurant

You know that old saying Don't Judge a Book by its cover? Well it applies to this restaurant.

After the Wollongong Buddhist Temple we were famished. Uncle Peter suggested we go down the way and visit some of the local Chinese... We drove down to Kiama, a little beach side town about 90 mins from Sydney and popped into this restaurant called Dragon Garden Chinese Restaurant...

We were greeted with the dining setting above... Its been a long time since i have scene a chinese restaurant that had their tables up with cultery (basically since the 80's). So naturally i was dubious, but then the food arrived...

Veal with Snow Peas
This dish was something magical,the meat was tender, juicy and the sauce sweet, tangy and morish. It was so good we ordered it twice!

Tung See Chow Fuu Yuu

The Tung Choi was cooked to perfection, tender, but still slightly crispy. The chilli generous and the fuu yu oh so fragrant! Dad loves this vegetable and I think we had it EVERY night he was here in Sydney!

The host was very nice, he had immigrated from Hong Kong in the 50's!!! and Dad and he got on like a house on fire, trading restaurant stories and tea.

Every dish was polished off and the host complimented on his fine food! This place is worth recommending to all who are heading down that way or live down there. (lucky!)

The only drawback was they had a lot of sauce in their dishes, which is perfect if you've ordered rice, but we only ordered noodles... Oh and the Noodles weren't as good as my Dad's noodles... But then I'm bias ;)


Dragon Garden Restaurant
113 - 115 Terralong Street KIAMA
(02) 4233 1799

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dai Cheung Gum

This Korean Restaurant is named after a famous Korean Soap Drama...

Why i don't know but the food is amazing, and the service very good, even if theyre are a bit slow at seating more than 4 people. I seem to only remember to take photos after the chaos has been and gone...

The BBQencrusted with the juices of beef ribs and marinated pork, the stew pot that the poussin (little chicken) stuffed with rice served in a rich ginseng broth, behind that empty plates of kimchee pickles

In Chatswood...

for the hardcore sleeper...

JC is coming to town!!

Jacky Cheung! Ha you thought the other JC... no, but some may say very close! :)

is coming to Sydney in March for a few performances! hooray!!

Jen and I went in 02/03 (gosh such a long time ago!)

So Mum and I are DEFINETLY going. any one interested drop me an email


the site is scanty on the details

and hes got a new album

Eric Clapton

I took Mum to see Eric Clapton, a belated birthday present (excluding the 54 rose bouquet and the crystals and jewellery we got her in October)

It was pretty good concert! Eric and the boys (one hot one not so hot) did some amazing riffs, and the piano man (buff?) was doing something magical on that keyboard. He sang a pretty boppy version of Layla, and the song Wonderful Tonight was pretty special. (Lu - great wedding song if you ignore the reference to long blonde hair :P )

Photos ha! i need a tripod! but ive attached the most unshaken ones.
Look only 2cm tall! tiny guy-huge reputation

Tho i have to admit what pissed me off the most was that day i looked at ticket master for any spare tickets. and they had gold seats on the floor going for $200!!! i paid $150 for seats in the upper section! ARGH!!! oh well, i got exercise and a show...