Thursday, December 06, 2007

Spicy Sichuan Restaurant - Glebe

Tonight we joined Will and Winston to try out a new Sichuan Restaurant in Glebe - rather obviously called Spicy Sichuan Restaurant. (I suppose its to stop those unknowing foodies who are use to the cantonese style of cooking. - no wonton soup here mate!)

Steph isn't a fan of spicy food so we were pleasantly surprised with the cuisine, below are the photos taken with my unfashionable camera.

First photo is Crunchy Rice with Pork. Served in 2 separate, parts. the crunchy rice cakes in one platter and the sauce with thin slices of pork, black fungus and vegetables in a light sweet/sour sauce (minus the food colouring) was poured on top. The rice cakes snap and crackle merrily as the sauce is poured on.
Kung Pao Chicken - Winston and Steph disliked this dish intensely! We found that the sichuan peppercorns when cooked this way numb the tip of your tongue! Will and I had no issues, and ate until we could feel our tongues. Which is rather strange as I've used the spice in my own cooking but not had the numbing effect.

Snake Beans and Dumplings

Snake Beans and Dumplings were nice... Nothing to write home about.

Served in a pretty bamboo steamer is The Double Cooked pork with Preserved Veggies. This is so YUM! Layers of pork, neatly packed, covering a bed of fragrant Mui Choi! excellent with rice. I remember eating this at Auntie Angela and Uncle Harry's all the time as a kid.

The Dining Experience was nice, the decor very pretty, with old fashion dining chairs and tables. the crockery had emperor yellow design, and the teacups came with handles. However no napkins were provided so if you're going... BYO!

Spicy Sichuan Restaurant
1-9 Glebe Point Road (Next to Apple Store)
Glebe NSW 2037
T 9660 8200 F 95717566

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