Sunday, December 16, 2007

Puppy Love and Sunday Tea

My work corridor lunch buddy has 3 minature schnauzers, Kita, Raffiki and Eden, and she had organised a Puppy afternoon tea with all her friends who also had minature schnauzers. Knowing my soft spot for animals, she invited me along to "borrow" a puppy to play with.

I am in love. Not only are Miniature Schnauzers so adoreable, theyre fun to play with, delicate takers, theyre small, solid and compact, and best of all they don't moult! (downside - they need hairdresser appointments as often as you do).

Here are some photos below.

I was in love with Hibu, the sweetest one of all, it would snuggle up to me and not let the other schnuzers near me... (might have something to do with the anzac cookie i had in my hand)
Hibu resting next to me...

Anyway it was a lovely tea party with lots of laughter and adorable fun.

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