Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Engagement Party

On Christmas Eve, we had an impromptu engagement party.

After 9 years, (the France Italy Penalty shootout of World Cup 98 comes to mind) Steph and I formally announced our engagement. Mum and Dad chose to give us a party as our engagement/Christmas present. And it seemed like the whole Chinese restaurant community was over to celebrate to enjoy Dad's cooking.

Ed and Dennis and his mates helped with the serving, Mum got to do a bit of mingling and help Dad, Trevor joined him in the kitchen (thanks Trev!) While Steph, Ian, Eleanor and I sat outside, and ate, drank and enjoyed the whole event. I admit I was feeling a bit guilty and couldn't truly enjoy myself.

Dad's cooking is always divine, I forgot to take shots of the food. I love his abalone and Chinese mushrooms and the way he does crayfish, and his roast pork and fresh roasted chicken and his shark fin soup... sigh so good.... (smiles dreamily) I think Steph managed to take a few photos but he was in a blissful state like me.

I decorated the restaurant for the occasion, I went to the Balloon Salon in Maroubra (first time I've driven the new car too! - very touchy and revved 1/4 of the tank of fuel to Maroubra and back) I was rather proud of my ceiling swirls and hearts, and the heart balloons we had on each table, you'll have to see the pics below.

For the Kids I found a packet of 3M Heart Shaped post it notes. told them to go wild - which they did all over the walls and somehow we managed to get them on the ceiling and later on into the night they landed on everyone's backs and clothes.

The Aunties were totally amazing, creating the most delicious engagement cake ever... (I simply do not know how I'm going to top, with a wedding cake.) There are photos of them making it. And everyone truly enjoyed it, in fact one of the Uncles asked to order one for THEIR engagement! In front of his wife, who found it very amusing.

We had a speech, Steph thanked everyone for coming, a few heckler uncles pestered him about Chinese. Then i had a go at the speech in canto.

Everyone had a toast then some cake and that's it, were officially engaged now with the blessing of both our parents. PHEW!

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