Friday, October 19, 2007


Steph and I went to Prime in GPO Sydney last night.

We dined on a Wagyu Terrine for entree then had Black Angus Rib Fillets, with Potato Gratin and Roasted Tomatoes with a side serve of snow peas and sugar snaps.

And the service was delightful! Richard was attentive, by our sides and patient enough with all my questions.

I chose to have a glass of red with my main, he gave me a Pino and a Cab to try, both were nice but I picked the Cab for its fuller body. . Which is quite rare for me as i find Cab's too heavy for my palette, but this one was just right.

I truly enjoyed myself, and both Steph and i were tingling with happiness as we polished off our steaks.

Then for dessert we had Poached Nashi.

We are definitely going back!

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