Sunday, October 21, 2007

Describe Satay

Crikey! Thats like asking you to talk about Worcestershire sauce. There aren't enough words in the world to describe it. It just is.

But occasionally I have to talk about it. and this is one of them. So as I'm typing, a jar of Jimmy's Satay Sauce and a litre of water sit by my keyboard as I prepare to take the plunge.

(FYI - Jimmy lives at the back of the fridge and only comes out for Steamboat.)

Aroma: Well there's not much like it... Its Heady, makes you want to take a deep breath, like someones roasting coffee, or garlic (read the label) Definitely savory and very inviting. Hrm... I want to stick my finger in. Thank God, I had enough sense to bring a spoon along.

Taste: First thing I think of is peanuts, or nuts. There's a bit of a pause, something savory I think, but my tastebuds are mesmerized by the peanuts. Then Pow! Corr! the spice hits you!
The chilli has now clear one nostril and I have an urge to sneeze. Hrm... Go back for more...

Five samples later and I'm no better off.

So my Satay Description is
A unique spice mixture, based on ground peanuts, which add a fragrant crunch and flavour to the roast-garlic and spice sauce, while soothing the stimulating chilli power.

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