Monday, September 24, 2007

Myers Hobart Burns Down

Oh dear.

On Saturday the Myers Building in Hobart burnt down. Some people have posted their videos on Youtube, and I have to say the footage theyre showing on TV doesnt even half cover the intensity of the fire.

For non-Hobartians, Myers is one of the staples of shopping in Hobart. It would be like ripping Pitt Street mall out of Sydney or Collins Street out of Melbourne. It just wont be the same.

I have to say even though its a building I am saddened by the loss, I have fond memories of the place.
  • The men sitting on the stairs waiting for their wives and girlfriends who were attacking the piles of undies and bras in the Basement Floor.
  • Playing Hide and Seek with Ed in the Ladies fashion
  • The canteen at the top floor, I think I fell in love with baby carrots there
  • I bought my very first wallet at the handbag section on ground floor in Myers
  • Cutting through Myers to get to Cat and Fiddle
  • The Bridal registery
  • Family portirats were done on 2nd floor Myers
  • The Pink (But always clean) toliets on the top floor
But realistically, the building was in dire need of a refurb. Built in 1839, all the renos had turned it into a bit of a rabbit warren, I always got confused with the alleyways between the Liverpool and the Murray Building, I was never sure which floor i would end up on.

Hey! Maybe Westfield should move in!

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