Monday, September 24, 2007

The Baby Popping Starts

Last night we were delighted to see that Michael and Winnie our friends in HK have had their first child! Named Andrew, he's healthy 3.2kg and from the photos, he's a pure cutesy!

*gush* makes you want to have one of your own.... ALMOST

Today, on the bus to work, a poor mother had a terrible two, who was crying, not because he was in distress, pain or discomfort, but because HE COULDNT PUT HIS SOCKS BACK IN HIS DRAWER!!! Good Grief! Mum offered to look after them, but that wasn't good enough for Mr Howler. Bascially he was yelling and teary because he could!

I felt sorry for his sister who would have been 5 or 6, quiet as can be and very obidient, its hard to take mum's applause with happiness when your little brother is screaming his head off.

Thank God MP3's have a drown out screaming kid volume!

On another note, the mother was trying to reason with the child... I don't think at that age you can reason. I think from the age of 6 onwards you can use basic reasoning, but before then, you'll just talk yourself blue in the face. What are your thoughts?

POST: Dinh and Gregor have just txt me and they are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl! Welcome to the world Little Jasmine!!!

Its all happening!!!

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