Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Say Hallo to my Little Friend"

I'm addicted to Facebook, and recently I added a pet. There was heaps to choose from but Tofu seemed like a great pet for a foodie... So added him on. Then looked at his mood... Stinky? OMG! I have a Stinky Tofu Pet! God Stinky Tofu...Now that is a dish you either love or hate.

Me? I absolutely HATE it. Sorry ST fans, by my sense of smell TELLS me that eating something that smells like roadkill on a hot summers day isn't good for you no matter what other people say!

My first experience of this was in 1997, in Hong Kong on Tung Choi Street, weaving and enjoying the Ladies Market on a cool evening night, admiring some goods when this god awful smell came across... We gagged and had our jumpers tied over our noses for the rest of the night.

I did a bit of google research and found Wiki's entry and to my horror theres a Stinky Tofu Chain!

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