Friday, August 17, 2007

Forget "Beat Sugar and Butter until Creamy"

Kris, MissFee joined me at Kinokuniya to listen to Mark Crick, the author of Kafta's Soup read from his book.

I managed to read a few lines from the book prior and I was struck by the way he describes the way we cook. We harp on constantly about how we taste food, but I had never thought about how I prepare vegetables or how I determine what to add and when. I shall pay closer attention next time I cook.
Anyway, he read Rich Chocolate Cake written with in the voice of Irvine D. Welsh. I enjoyed the reading (I didn't understand half of it but I enjoyed listening anyway)

And to keep my Chinese side happy we got to try out the cake (which was very yum) and free coffee (pretty good). Afterwards the end I was so full of chocolate, coffee and milk I didn't have to eat dinner.

Now have a great diet tip (WARNING: It isn't healthy!) Coffee fills me - so now rather than ordering a full meal, I have a half meal (share with Angie) and have a large skinny cap. Then about 4ish I'll have another so I won't come home and literally ravish the fridge and pantry.

What!!! I did say it wasn't healthy!
Here's a professional write up

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