Friday, July 06, 2007

The Goodies

Steph was having afterwork drinks with work colleagues... Argh! Theres a big box of goodies in the living room and and I cant wait!

Here are some of the goodies:

Cheung Chau Souvenirs. - I went nuts when we went to Cheung Chau Island for the Bun Festival. I figured i wasnt going to go again, so i better grab proof of it. and ended up with 2 big bun cushions (see me taking a bite out of one of them) bun fans, bun phone dangles, and a bun coin purse. There are also Bun T-shirts which were given to rellies as souvies.

Fish bag with built in coin purse - I also bought this in Cheung Chau Island, being fish mad, i fell in love with it, the big fish with the little red coin purse fish on the end is too cute! its too small as a handbag i would use but ill find some use for it!

Fortune Duck - We found a FD outlet in Shenzhen and went a bit crazy in there. Steph bought a lovely chocolate satchel, i bought a few handbags and we have matching wallets. But the highlight of the trip was buying this bag. Yeah i know, bloody tourist...

Macau Souvies - We didnt buy much in Macau, but we walked into their largest shopping centre and i found these really cute magnets! Theres a Household set, a Sushi Set and a ocean set.

Bejewelled Sparrows - I found these at the end of Hollywood Road, in a little shop. We were with my Aunt (Sai Yee aka "Little Aunt") her husband and my mischievous cousin, Angelica. We had heaps of fun. We "shook the chopsticks" in the Man Mo temple for a wish*, we window shopping along Hollywood Road. I told Angelica when Ed and I first met her dad (at his wedding) we called him Uncle Pig, because his name was Chu which to us kids, meant "Pig", but one sound can mean many things in the Chinese language and the real meaning behind his name was Pearl - but Uncle Pig stuck and Angelica of course found this vastly amusing.
* I have always wanted to do this, after watching Chinese historical soapies growing up, we called it "Chok Fai Gee" aka Shake the Chopsticks but its really called "Cau Cheem" aka "Pray for a sign"

We discussed horror movies - our conclusion; Chinese Horror is scarier than English Horror but the Vampires in English horror are much cuter. We pretended we were old opera dancers when we heard some "dook dook chang" and fell about giggling afterwards. We discussed the merits of learning English with Chocolate as a reward, but the negotiations weren't successful as Angelica wanted 10 chocolates for learning 1 word.

Theres more, I bought lunch boxes, small plastic containers, makeup containers, a spindle of novelty DVD media, metal bowls, some aquarium rocks for the tank (make over time!) handbags, and other stuff.

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