Saturday, July 21, 2007

Asian Cup - Socceroos vs Japan

Oh my! Did you see it? Did you watch it?

Soccer is not for the faint hearted!

On Saturday night were over at Will's place watching the AFC Asia Cup Quarter Finals Australia vs Japan. They were playing in Hanoi with 30 degree heat and heaps of humidity.

Foodwise: I made Tong (Ching Poh Leung Soup added Figs, Dried Scallops, Snow Fungus and Shitake) and Soy Chicken Wings (I have just realized i have never posted about Loh Sui! Will have to remedy that soon!)

But back to the Soccer - They did us proud, worked hard and kept the ball away from our net. Then at half time it all changed - There were scores, then Harry was yellowed for diving and then the referee gave Grella a weird red card! It was mad, the elbow wasn't even acute (this should be an indication of intention) and note: the Jap also had his arms up! does that give him a red card too? Sheesh!

Over all the game was a heart stopper! Diving was minimal, it seemed like we were doing more of it than the Japs (tho Iraq were pitiful with their diving - all they needed was a whisper of a breeze and they were falling over in pain)

The following day we went to the Rocks for the Coffee Festival, and in a tight crowd, I felt my handbag starting to slip off my shoulder, so I raised my elbow to catch the fall and hit a kid in the head. I apologised then mentioned to Steph "Hey I would have gotten a red card for that!"

Thank god that ref wasn't around.

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