Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good Food and Wine Show

Today we teamed up with A and K for the Good Food and Wine Show (GFWS) held every year at Darling Harbour.

GFWS is basically it’s a show about food aimed at the home cookers of the world, bring them easy (sometimes nasty) alternatives for easy entertaining.

Last time we went, we hit the wine stalls with an empty stomach and ended up with a huge stash of show bags.This time we stopped by the chinese bakery to line our tummies before ending the beast...

A highlight of the show was watching Ainsley Harriot and his volunteer audience member Charlie. Charlie being an old fashion aussie bloke, (inept at cooking bar the BBQ) and Ainsley being Ainsley had us laughing non-stop!

One event was the half-scream of horror Ainsley emiited as poor old Charlie proceeded to add the cayenne pepper into the three cheee souffles, and reprimand...

"Now Charlie boy… When we say a touch of cayenne we mean a pinch! Not a pour. Now give that a bit of crack pepper and that don’t mean you unscrew the lid and pour it in!*

Ainsley showing Charlie the PROPER way of making Lamb Koftas

We also sat through Curtis Stone show which wasn’t as hilarious, I found his food a little to simple (but then the show it is aimed at the home market) The Bump'n'Grind Mortar and Pestle is interesting, but we have 3 at home so I didn't buy one. He did a roast chook, looked okay but no extra stuffing would mean a drier chicken than Stephs. (I hate dry breast meat) The other demos he did were chocolate body paint (a bit of a cheat recipe), and the pear and walnut salad (so last year)

Then to the showbags! All of them were excellent, I was pleased with the Healthly Food Guide showbag which had a good quality plastic container with dividers in it plus a mazagine and other goodies. The Donna Hay one was HEAVY! (note to self - 1kg of sugar weighs a lot!) and the King Island Dairy show bag was so cute! like the old fashion lunchboxes blue collars use to bring their lunch in.

Stop here to collect your Donna Hay Showbag... Beware, may injure shoulders

Other bags we collected were the Good Taste bag, a South Cape, Amoy, Roses Only, BHG.

We have already polished off the Hot Wax Blue Cheese and crackers and all the candy

*not his exact words but something similar

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