Monday, June 25, 2007

Diamond Research and coming off the Market

One of the reasons we were going to HK was to buy a diamond. A few months before hand I was panicking about buying such an expensive product and I couldn't actually call it a diamond or an engagement ring. So it was nicknamed as "That Thing" or in Cantonese "Gore Gau Yeah" aka (That lump of a thing.)

But as time approached to fly the fear abated and the excitement of a holiday and the rock hunt took over. I was ready! The first day, we changed some cash, had breakfast and hit the shops! We wandered into the more expensive brand name shops like Chow Sang Sang and King Fook but with their Air Con set on "Artic Freeze", we didn't linger long. There was one shop that I was keen to see, a chain called MyJewelry, who was the only store I could find an online price list and details of diamonds in HKD.

I ended up picking the first diamond I saw with Kathleen, after abandoning the boys to their IT adventure, we walked into the first jewelery store which happened to be TSL, a lovely girl called Abby served us, and after much water, tea and discussion, I put the diamond on hold for The Payer to approve.

1 week later, I had a ring in a huge box and Steph was left feeling a bit poor...

2 weeks later I had a ring on my finger and a huge smile and Steph was left feeling a bit relieved.

So for the next engagee looking for "That Thing" in Hong Kong, cos the HIW (Husband In Waiting) won't help. Here's all my research.
Eva's Priority: Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carats - Yours may differ, but sparkle does depend on cut and colour more than clarity unless the imperfection is huge and black. Carats - well that's up to you and your man)

For the Novelty Factor
(Note: Remember the .hk or you'll end up with a different sort of box... >_<)

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