Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shenzhen Shopping

Shenzhen - Recommended as a shopping mecca. Yup its a shopping mecca! The prices are amazing, it makes Hong Kong look expensive and Australia a rip off!

We caught a KCR train to Shenzhen, and then caught the Shenzhen Train line to Old Street.

And wow! the have buildings that SPECALISE in goods, we walked past a hair product building, a artwork building, a mens clothing building, a cosmetic surgery building! wow! Its so different from shopping in Australia, where you have to travel half the world to get to the all stores that specalise in the goods your after.

Steph was a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of shopping, but after a lunch he got right into it! We enjoyed "bucket rice" for lunch, an interesting concept the pickles were delicious.
Steph collected a suit on sale for $200yuan (just over $30) he purchased some more pants for $60 yuan and taking up the pants was only going to cost $3 yuan! (50CENTS!!!) Amazing!

After a few hours our feet were exhausted and we needed to sit down... Why not a foot massage? A very funny event when both Steph and I have ticklish feet! The boys had some wizz bang masculine foot soak while the girls had a Ginger soak (ended up with mashed ginger placed on our shins and covered with hot towels STEAMED CHICKEN!)

Ten dainty toes soaking in rose petals

And later on dinner at Laurel Restuarant. My Aunt Ming and Uncle Wing told us that once upon a time the queues for the restaurant had to wait up to 4 hours! and the food was amazing. We have some photos below. A funny point was the serving of the soup, a deluxe combination of chicken ginseng wine, Japanese string bundles with stuff.

Chicken Wine Soup with Ginseng and Konnakyu

The waitress came over and asked if she should serve the soup out in 3 bowls... eh? There was Auntie, Uncle Steph and Me that makes 4 of us. We asked her why only 3 bowls and she gave Steph a pointed look. (she was standing behind steph) We exclaimed loudly that he would eat it all! Soup was served and I proudly watched him enjoy the soup and go for seconds! He's truly chinese! a steamed custard bun (white on the inside and yellow on the inside) hehehe

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