Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Enter the Durian

We had a delightful catch up dinner with Winnie and Micheal, friends from Sydney
And for dessert we confessed a desire to try Durian.

Durian for those who dont know is the famous fruit that has an aroma that some call sewerage others call perfumed. To me i thought it was bad, but then theres stinky tofu. Now thats something nasty...

To me Durian smells like sweet cheesy over ripe brie. Not that bad a smell... but the taste.. well we had our durian warm in a crepe, and the texture, creamy with strands like a mango pith. and the taste was kinda caramel, custard, but not sweet, brie-ish and a slight bitter aftertaste. And i dont think i did the fruit justice.
Durian Crepe

You either love it or hate it. Steph hated it... I hrm... i'll get back to you on that one.

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