Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Handbag Run

I am too use to Sydney’s desire to shop.

My handbag was broke during the easter break….

(Long Story Short: Small bag, fit everything perfectly, Steph sticks his wallet, mobile and sunglasses in. Zip Breaks. Never the same again.)

It would take me a good 15 mins of stops and starts to get the zipper closed. And if I gave up the bag was held together with just a zipper in the middle with two big open holes for that lucky pick pocketer.

Situation: Need new Handbag

Steph and I went down to Rundle Street Mall. For those who haven’t been its about 2-3 times the length of Pitt Street Mall. And on Easter Monday, It . was . dead. The ghost town reminded me of Hobart on a Sunday, and the outcry even made in the news. We walked down the mall to Kenny G, Micheal Jackson scurried past a liberal person doing his own dance version of Australia’s got Talent to Crowded House. The only thing opened was Hudson, Gloria Jeans and Bookshops.

Only 3 clothing stores were opened. Copy Cat – selling formal girl’s dresses, Surf Shop - thongs, rip curl and Nova. Who happened to stock Charles and Keith! Now is that a sign or what?

I bought a pretty little black and white tweed/black suede bowling bag. Pockets on each side, and its big enough for those additional male accessories I seem to acquire every time we pause…

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