Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The cake you have to work for

A while ago I found fresh raspberries at 3 punnets for $5 bucks! Now that is a bargain considering now these days you pay $7 bucks for just one punnet. And even better raspberries are freezable! :) Joy.

So what do you do with raspberries? You make a raspberry cheesecake! Okay that's easy right?


I have just put into the fridge to set the most difficult cheesecake you can imagine...

First make the base, mix biscuits and melted butter and press into pan... Well thats not hard... so far so good...

Whip sour cream, cream cheese and caster sugar til smooth... Easy Peasy

Next (Make Anglaise)
Whisk yolks, cornflour, sugar add heated (but not boiled milk) and stir Erk!

Next (Make Jelly)
Stir gelatine over a hot basin until dissolved Grrr

Next (Make Meringue)
Whip egg whites until stiff peaks appear What theres more???

THEN mix it all together, plus the raspberries and throw into the fridge.


If I had to bake the mess I could have added souffle into the dessert repertoire

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