Friday, March 02, 2007

Honkers here we come!

Yep! We're off to Hong Kong again this year for some relaxation, shopping and sightseeing.

We were originally thinking of going in July/August, but due to some other commitments around that time, we've decided to change the dates to the end of May, much to the delight of Kathleen, who is also going to 1. be in Hong Kong at the same time, and 2. probably be staying around the corner from us.

When Eva told Kathleen the other day, reportedly there were squeals of "Oh My God!" and the one that she was hanging out for, "We can go hardware shopping" together...

I just want to do the Central & Midlevels Escalator trip, of course, Eva's mother laughed at me when Eva told her... Ok, I'm crazy, but I'm sure I can persuade Andrew to join me :O)

We're also looking for cool things to do in Guangzhou as the guide books give a good overview, but nothing that jumps out at you. So any suggestions welcome!

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