Thursday, February 15, 2007

Iron Chef Book

Another book to add to the library... It was on special at Dymocks so i snapped it up!

Ive long been an Iron Chef fan, and thats easy to figure out...
  1. Its about food
  2. Its Japanese
  3. Is the only decent thing to watch on Saturday Nights
So about the book, its a great read for those who love the show. It covers lots of areas that are behind the scene, with interviews with the backstage people and a fully comprehensive list of the battles, challenger chefs and judges. And it even has the Iron Chef Stats! Weird!

There are even recipes in it! However, i doubt i will be cooking Foie Gras Kanpon or Chocolate Flavored Tuna Cooked in Red Wine Sauce or Hamo with Truffle Sauce Royale... But there is a chinese dessert recommended by Hattori-san - Spicy Papaya Soup with red dates, papaya pieces, and aigyoku jelly this one looks interesting and remotely do-able.

Each Iron Chef also gets to talk, each one recollects their experiences (hated and loved), their distaste for their costumes,with wry and funny comments about the food, the crew, challengers, their restaurants dealing with their families when they lose a battle... My favourite is Michiba-san's comment(he was 63 when he joined the show)
"...You know what they say; it's a sign of old age when you start saying "heave-ho!" before every move"
Love it. You can buy it here

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