Thursday, February 01, 2007

Eric Clapton

I took Mum to see Eric Clapton, a belated birthday present (excluding the 54 rose bouquet and the crystals and jewellery we got her in October)

It was pretty good concert! Eric and the boys (one hot one not so hot) did some amazing riffs, and the piano man (buff?) was doing something magical on that keyboard. He sang a pretty boppy version of Layla, and the song Wonderful Tonight was pretty special. (Lu - great wedding song if you ignore the reference to long blonde hair :P )

Photos ha! i need a tripod! but ive attached the most unshaken ones.
Look only 2cm tall! tiny guy-huge reputation

Tho i have to admit what pissed me off the most was that day i looked at ticket master for any spare tickets. and they had gold seats on the floor going for $200!!! i paid $150 for seats in the upper section! ARGH!!! oh well, i got exercise and a show...

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