Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dragon Garden Chinese Restaurant

You know that old saying Don't Judge a Book by its cover? Well it applies to this restaurant.

After the Wollongong Buddhist Temple we were famished. Uncle Peter suggested we go down the way and visit some of the local Chinese... We drove down to Kiama, a little beach side town about 90 mins from Sydney and popped into this restaurant called Dragon Garden Chinese Restaurant...

We were greeted with the dining setting above... Its been a long time since i have scene a chinese restaurant that had their tables up with cultery (basically since the 80's). So naturally i was dubious, but then the food arrived...

Veal with Snow Peas
This dish was something magical,the meat was tender, juicy and the sauce sweet, tangy and morish. It was so good we ordered it twice!

Tung See Chow Fuu Yuu

The Tung Choi was cooked to perfection, tender, but still slightly crispy. The chilli generous and the fuu yu oh so fragrant! Dad loves this vegetable and I think we had it EVERY night he was here in Sydney!

The host was very nice, he had immigrated from Hong Kong in the 50's!!! and Dad and he got on like a house on fire, trading restaurant stories and tea.

Every dish was polished off and the host complimented on his fine food! This place is worth recommending to all who are heading down that way or live down there. (lucky!)

The only drawback was they had a lot of sauce in their dishes, which is perfect if you've ordered rice, but we only ordered noodles... Oh and the Noodles weren't as good as my Dad's noodles... But then I'm bias ;)


Dragon Garden Restaurant
113 - 115 Terralong Street KIAMA
(02) 4233 1799

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