Saturday, February 03, 2007

Buddist Temple

Today Uncle Peter drove all of us down to the Wollongong Temple for a visit. It was our first time there, same with Mum and Dad and we were pretty amazed by the beauty of the place...

Outside of the temple...

Of course you cant take photos inside the temple but the Buddhas were pretty amazing, and a bit freaky too... one could swear their eyes were following you...

The Souvenir shop with a Buddha museum, displaying all the different sorts of buddahs around the world.

The gardens were immaculate and very serene inspiring.

We got there too early to eat Jai (Chinese for vegetarian) so we ended up going for a drive down to Kiama and had the most amazing Chinese food! I have to figure out where the phone photos have downloaded to before i can write about it.
POST: Found them!

We visited the blow hole of Kiama, but there was no wind and it was low tide so nothing happened there... Afterwards a long drive back to Pymble were we rested until dinner time.

We enjoyed a pretty good meal here, but to be honest after a full week of eating out on chinese, we were totally chinesed out...

Jade City Restaurant
2-10 Central Ave, Thornleigh

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