Sunday, December 24, 2006


As food bloggers, one must record their gastronomic adventures...

This year we were redoing the Turducken... the proper way.

Thanks to Kris and Rod's Turducken we had followed the advice to stick to 2 recipes for the stuffings. Steph with assistant Eva, garbage disposals - Mandy and Pippa at the ready we whipped out a oyster and sausage stuffing, and a cornbread stuffing,

The making of the stuffing and the Turducken day were very throughly photographed.

A link will be added to a slide show of the action soon.
password: Steph's nickname for this turkducken: Read on...

The stitching and stuffing was rather interesting (being nice here) because the chicken was the same size as the turkey! (They must grow small turkeys in Adelaide, or the butcher had not read Jeffery Stiengarden's entry on the Turducken) The drumsticks had also been removed... so the end product looked rather mutant.

Steph started calling it "frankenturk", I was calling it the crippled turk - with no drumsticks it wasn't going anywhere, but with the thick stitching, "frankenturk" stuck.

It took a good hour to truss, stitch and retruss the monster, and after covering his hands in the fat of 3 birds, stuffing, string, and cotton thread. It will take some serious begging/bribing/pleading before Steph will do this again… I will do it if theres a third person taking the shots i wasn't able to take... but the feeling of wet raw turkey skin is giving me second thoughts...

Despite the frustration at the butchers/turkey/chicken/turkey/cotton/needles the final product was declared delicious and there we can thankfully lay this magnificent beast and its creative journey to rest.


Steph said...

It was actually "Frakenbird", but that's ok

Eva said...

hey at 3am i am allowed some creative leeway